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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 6+Episode 7)

Hey PLL Fans! This recap I will combine two episodes just because I missed episode 6 and couldn't watch it when it came on. So now that I watched episode 6 and 7 I am going to recap both episodes for ya'll.

Season 5 Episode 6 "Run,Ali,Run":

Spencer does some research on Bethany Young. A attacks Alison and Emily shows up to fight back, Alison wants to leave Rosewood now. Caleb reconsiders his stay in Rosewood. Ezra searches for answers... Hanna goes to see Caleb. Hanna admits that she wants Alison gone. Eddie gave Ezra a drawing of Alison mom that Bethany had drew. Does A want Alison alive? Alison stayed the night with Emily because she doesn't want to be alone. Spencer dad is moving out and Spencer wants her mom to forgive him but she can't. Travis finds out about Caleb and tells Hanna he can't be with her anymore. Are you on Team Travis or Team Caleb??? The girls get Aria to volunteer at Radley so she can find out more about Bethany.

"Time for the caged bird to Sing"- A

Season 5 Episode 7 "Silence of E. Lamb":

Emily mom invites all the girls over for dinner but only Emily, Alison and Hanna could go. Sydney meets Alison! Caleb is taking the exit exams. Caleb tells Alison that she is like a tornado.... Aria meets Bethany formal roommate named Rhonda. Caleb walks out of the exit exams and Hanna gets mad and tells him to leave. Aria took a drawing that Bethany drew and Rhonda wants it back. Alison tells Hanna she wants her to stay away from Caleb. Eddie calls Ezra to set up a meeting but he doesn't show up. Hanna was drinking at Emily's and Emily kicks her out for the way Hanna treated Alison at the dinner. Aria takes Bethany drawing book from Rhonda when she wasn't around. Sydney talks to Hanna at the Brew and Hanna mentions New York. I don't think Emily mom buys Alison kidnap story. Hanna kisses Caleb!!! Spencer borrows spy equipment from Ezra to spy on her sister Melissa. Emily calls Paige to check up on her and to apologized. Emily almost tells her she loves her! Spencer sees Alison by the barn with her spy camera. 

"New York, New York. It's a hell of a town. Alison is keeping secrets because of Hanna's big mouth"- A

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