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Friday, August 22, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 11)

Hey PLL Fans! What did you think about this episode? Leave comments and let me know what your theories are about the characters of this show..... This is episode 11 and it is called "No one here can love or understand me."

The girls are outside the Police Station to tell the police the truth when TV screens at a store turn on and show pictures of Alison saying "We are all in this together, Act normal bitches"- A. Alison dad wants to take Alison out of the town because of the kidnapper on the loose. Caleb is drinking again because he can't sleep. Mona and Mike are hanging out again. Emily goes to Ezra for helping with finding information about Cyrus. Hanna wants to get Caleb help. Emily tells Paige they need to talk soon. Melissa is gone.... Spencer is getting Toby to talk to Caleb. Detective Tanner wants to talk to the girls about something. Spencer and Toby describe Caleb as haunted. Tanner hints to the girls that they are trying to connect the girls to Bethany Young and her death. 

Spencer finally got the video that Melissa made for her to tell Spencer her secret. Melissa went back to the night that Alison went missing..... Melissa saw Spencer with a shovel and Melissa thought Spencer killed Alison. Instead Spencer hit Bethany Young who was dressed the exact same as Alison that night. Melissa pushed Bethany still alive in the ground and buried her to protect Spencer. Melissa killed Bethany.....

Spencer, Toby, Hanna, and Caleb get together to talk to Caleb about his problems. Aria has a family outing with Mona and Aria sees Paige with another girl. Toby pushes Caleb to talk about his problems and Caleb gets mad and takes off. Aria whispers something in Mona ear and Mona leaves. Ezra found photos of Cyrus with Alison. Aria found Mona in the bathroom crying. Mona gives Aria a warning about Alison going after the girls next because Alison can't trust them anymore. Mona tells Aria that she knows things about New York.... Tanner wants to speak to Aria dad. Caleb wants to pack his things and leave Rosewood when Hanna tells him that he can't even take care of himself and that she won't give up on him. Tanner tells Aria dad that they Police are interested in Aria and someone spoke up to the Police about something. Aria may be in serious trouble. Do they know she killed Shana? The girls think Alison told the Police. Caleb finally tells Hanna about what happened in Ravenswood. Caleb is afraid of his dreams and blames himself for Miranda dying. The Ouji board on Caleb table starts moving by it self. Spencer shows Aria and Emily the video about what Melissa said. What is Spencer going to do with it now? The girls are starting to think that Alison is A or working for A. 

My Theory:
I think instead of Alison having a twin she has a alter ego/split personality. Alison acts crazy sometimes because of the things she does so maybe she has a split personality.

I still think that Jenna's twin is Sydney.... I personally think that head/uber A is Sydney.

Next on Pretty Little Liars the Mid-Season Finale:

Who Will Die?
Who is going to Jail?
Who will the liars turn to for Help?

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