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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toddler Style Tag 2014

Hey everyone today I am doing the Toddler Style Tag. I found this tag on YouTube and originally it's a baby style tag but since Chloe is a toddler now I still wanted to do this tag. Chloe is 16 months now!

Toddler Style Tag:

1. Where are your favorite places to shop for your toddler? I usually will buy her clothes at Walmart, Target or Carter's.

2. What is your favorite accessory for your toddler? Chloe doesn't wear accessories because she usually will just take them off. She is starting to like wearing hats because she will try to wear my dad hat and she does have a summer hat I put on her when we go outside.

3. Do you ever shop second hand? Like I said the only places we shop at is Walmart, Target and Carter's. Sometimes we do find something we like at the Dollar General Store.

4. Do you ever splurge on items for your toddler? We do if we find something really cute or if it's something she really needs. Soon Chloe will be 18 months so she will need new clothes, socks and shoes.

5. How do you describe your toddler's style? Let me show you some pictures.....


6. Do you ever match your outfits to your toddler outfits? Sometimes we will wear the same color or wear a dress on same day. 

7. Do you dress your toddler every day? No sometimes I just let her play in a diaper if we are not going anywhere. We live in Texas and we live in the country so it gets really hot. My room doesn't stay that cool. I only really dress her if we go run errands, go outside to play or when she goes with her dad.

8. Does your toddler have more clothes than you? I think I have more clothes than her but soon she will have more clothes than me lol

9. What's your favorite item in your toddler closet right now? I will show you a picture.... Outfit from Walmart. Shoes are from Carter's.

10. What colors look best on your toddler? Purple, Yellow and Pink look the best on her.

CES <3

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