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Friday, July 4, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 4)

Hey PLL Fans! Time for another recap on Pretty Little Liars. This is Episode 4 and the title is "Thrown from the Ride."

Alison wants to go back to school but her dad thinks they should move away. Lucas wants Mona to call off whatever they got going on because he feels bad for Alison but Mona told him she knows Alison is not telling the truth. Aria is freaked out by Mona. Police want Alison to go in for a medical exam but she doesn't want to go. Lucas talks to Hanna. Toby is out of town so Andrew helps Spencer with her backyard and still flirts with her. I have to admit Andrew is Hot!!! Anyways Hanna goes with Alison to her medical exam because the rest of the girls been ignoring her. Emily and Paige hang out. Alison has a injury on her leg and she didn't even tell the girls... Who did that to her??? Spencer mom tells Spencer that Alison mom was going to blame Spencer for Alison death and was going to turn her in but Spencer dad blackmailed her. Spencer mom doesn't know if she can trust him... Spencer thinks Alison mom was poison by rat poison but we find out that Alison mom died from someone messing with her blood pressure medicine. Aria sees Ezra because she can't get over watching Shanna funeral online and how Shanna family must feel right now. Paige wants Emily to stay away from Alison. Do you think Paige will join Mona Army? Hanna is struggling to find who she really is and her style. Alison wants the girls to memorize a tape recording of her made up story. Spencer cuts her hand when washing the knifes. Is Hanna back to stealing? We see her take the tag off the skirt and put her clothes on.... She stole the skirt from the mall?!? Spencer finds pills that might have killed Alison mom in her house.... She thinks her dad killed her. Aria almost sleeps over at Ezra's but she decides not to. Emily tells Alison she thinks she should move.... Alison tells her no and that she wants to stay with her friends and go back to school. Spencer mom snaps and she is staying at a "Spa" for a couple of days. 

*Next Episode is the 100th Episode!!!*

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