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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Recap (Season 5 Episode 5) 100th Episode!

Hey Pretty Little Liar fans! This was the 100th Episode of PLL.

Hanna doesn't know who she is anymore. Jenna is back in town and the girls find out she was living in New York. Alison went back to school.... Spencer mom shows up at school and tells Spencer that she is leaving her dad for good and wants Spencer to come too. Lucas invites Hanna to his party. Spencer mom worked with a private investigator and knows Mr. Hastings and Melissa is hiding something. Aria went to see Jenna but left when she saw Jenna crying. Paige goes to see Alison and Alison apologized to her. Alison does have feelings for Emily. Caleb is back in town!!! Caleb is not answering Hanna calls and Hanna gets drunk at Lucas party. Jenna goes to see Aria and she invites her in for tea. Mona follows Alison and slaps her! Alison slaps her back.... Aria and Ezra kiss and have sex!!! Emily kisses Alison!!! Mona shows the girls a video of Alison slapping Mona and calling her a loser. The girls are mad at Alison. Mona talks to Jenna and the new girl Sydney about getting rid of Alison for good. Caleb and Hanna talk. Emily, Alison, Hanna, Caleb, Spencer, Toby, Aria and Ezra come to Alison house to find out that the police found out who was buried in her grave and it is a girl named Bethany she was a patient at Radley. All of the sudden there is a explosion but they made it out okay. Toby runs toward his house because it is on fire. The girls get a text...... A is back!!!

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