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Friday, July 18, 2014

Quick College Update! (Finished Spring Semester & College Money I Owe)

Hey everyone I haven't did a College update in a while so I thought I would update ya'll on what has been happening lately.

So I finished my Spring Semester with 2 A's and 2 B's!!!! I have only 3 classes left which is Computer Class, Math and Science for Children and Practicum.

So I found out at the end of my semester that I owe my College money because I purchased my books to early and they didn't get taken off the financial aid money.... I personally don't think I should pay it back because no one told me this the lady said at the time that I was able to purchase books but now they are saying I did it too early.

Anyways I found out I owe them $228. I had 9 old books so I took them to the College book store and they only took 3 out of the 9 books. For selling them back at least 3 of the books I got $100. I took that money to the financial business office and paid on my College due. I now only owe them $128. But then I got a paper in the mail saying a collection agency took over so now I owe about $166. It's crazy!

The thing is though I can not register or take any classes till I pay back this money.... So I might not be able to go back to College till next year.

So this is my quick College update! I will update you if anything changes......

CES <3

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