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Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Week In Pictures: June 30- July 6 2014

Hey everyone! July is finally here and it is summer :) Here is my week in pictures.....

Monday June 30 (Last Day of June!):
They are starting to pack and move to London! Catching up....

This is one of my favorite cups. I love the owl on it! 

Watching Switch at Birth!

The Fosters!

Tuesday July 1 (Finally July):
I just love this part where Emilia kept coming in wearing her dad stuff.

Watching the June Journeys from LivinLikeLindsey on YouTube.

My hair looks so weird when I wear it down.... I hate my baby hairs...

Wednesday June 2 (My baby is Home!):

Watching Big Brother!!!

Thursday June 3:

Friday July 4 (Happy Independence Day):
Watching Myhousewifelife! 

I watched Anchorman 2 over at Kara's. Didn't really do much today.

Kara's new hamster.

Sunday July 6 "Family Reunion":

CES <3

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