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Monday, July 7, 2014

June Favorites: Mommy and Toddler 2014

Hey everyone! June is finally over and it is July it went by kinda slow to me. Anyways here is what me and Chloe loved for the month of June.

Mommy Favorites:

These are the Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths. I use these to help prevent UTI since I get them alot because of my Bladder Disease.

I bought this at my local grocery store and I love it. Really helps with my damaged hair.

This is the only brand I found so far that doesn't break out my legs. Smells so good!

These makeup remover wipes work the best for me and are not to rough on my face.

This has been my friend this month because of headaches and bladder pain. I didn't even know they made pills I thought it was just the liquid. 

Toddler Favorites (What Chloe been Loving):

Chloe loves this pink monkey. She used to sleep with it all the time and now she likes to carry it around sometimes.

This is one of Chloe all time favorite toy. It's a radio from FisherPrice.

Chloe been loving this toy for this month. It's from FisherPrice.

Chloe got this toy this month after she was in the hospital with 105 fever. My dad bought it for her to help her feel better plus she really loves it! You press the button and it circles around and lights up. Chloe finally learned how to press the button her self!

Chloe loves this slide! We brought it in the house because grasshoppers and other insects kept getting on it. Living in the country brings a lot of crazy insects.

This has been so helpful this month with Chloe. It's multi-purpose so I use it for a diaper rash but also for a sunburn or misquotes bites. Chloe had a light sunburn on her cheeks this month. Also misquotes have been so bad this month it's crazy! I hate those insects!!

 This has been a life saver this month with Chloe because she had 105 fever and had to take her to the hospital.

Mommy Favorite Movies and TV Shows:

Movies: Percy Jackson and Sea of Monsters. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

TV Shows: Pretty Little Liars, Switch at Birth, Fosters and Chasing Life

Chloe Favorite TV Shows:

* Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
* Doc McStuffins
* Bubble Guppies
* Peppa Pig

CES <3

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