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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vampire Diaries: What's been going on?

Hey so tonight is the season finale of Vampire Diaries so I hope you watched it! I am going to recap on what's been happening this season on Vampire Diaries. There will be spoilers so if you haven't watched it yet please don't read this till you do.

So let's start off with Silas..... Silas is a witch who became the first immortal being in the world. Silas was locked away till Shane decided with the help of Elena, Rebekah, Damon, Stefan and Bonnie to release/awake Silas so that Silas can bring back Shane dead wife. Shane ended up dying which Silas took his place and tried to gain Bonnie trust so she can do this spell to open the veil. Well that's not all because Jeremy died because of Katherine. Katherine took the cure that Silas needed.

This was not good at all because Elena couldn't accept the fact that Jeremy was dead. She kept thinking the ring would bring him back but it didn't.....

Elena was losing it so Damon decided to help her by telling her to turn her emotions off which leaded to her losing her humanity. Elena without feelings makes her a total bitch. She did what she want and she didn't care what people thought of her. Stefan, Damon and Caroline tried to keep her from not harming people but Elena would find a way. Elena even fed on humans.

With the cure gone that caused a mad hunt to find Katherine but she wasn't easy to find. Rebekah and Elena formed allies just so they can find the cure before Damon and Stefan does. Elena didn't want the cure but Rebekah did. Rebekah wants to be human, get married, have children and grow old. They finally found Katherine but she didn't give up the cure. Elena met with Elijah and found out that Katherine been meeting up with him.

Finally Katherine decided to give the cure to Elijah so he can protect it.

So next is Prom......

Prom was here and Caroline just wanted this to be perfect and not let anyone get to her but of course Elena did. Elena stole Caroline dress which made Caroline ask Klaus for a dress she can borrow. At prom Elena decided she wanted to kill Bonnie but Bonnie did something on Elena and that's when Damon and Stefan realize that to make Elena have her Humanity back they would have to make Elena life a living hell. Elena felt as if she was dying so that key helped Damon and Stefan.

So Rebekah was on her way to finally getting the cure when Silas posed as Rebekah to Elijah and took the cure and ran with it.

Damon and Stefan took turn torturing Elena they even locked her up in a cell but that didn't work. They called on Katherine to help but Katherine left the cell unlocked and Elena got out. Elena saw Matt and started to feed on him when Damon showed up and snapped his neck, lucky he was wearing the ring. By killing him Elena got her humanity back because she thought he was really dead. The emotion she held on to was Hate and she decided it was time to kill Katherine. Katherine made Elena life hell and Elena wanted Katherine to pay for what she did.

Silas finally got Bonnie to open up the veil but Bonnie was doing it differently. Bonnie made a deal with Katherine that if Katherine gave up the rock then Bonnie would try to make Katherine immortal. Bonnie link Katherine to her and the veil was finally open. With the veil open that let out Lexi, Jeremy, Alaric, Kol and the Vampire Hunters. Kol was after killing Elena but Jeremy saved her. Elena and Katherine fought but Stefan got in the way and stop her from doing it. Silas found out what Bonnie was doing and threatened to kill her but Silas ended up forming to stone and they put him up so he wouldn't be found. Bonnie wanted to bring Jeremy back from the dead but she ended up dying. Which means the veil is still up....

With graduation around the corner and ghost for revenge everything is intense. The vampire hunters are after the cure and Silas. Damon wants Elena to take the cure but she won't. Damon has werewolf venom in him and they want Damon to take the cure instead but he won't either. Bonnie is trying to figure out a way to close the veil and make her come back to life, she doesn't want her friends to know that she is dead. Rebekah ex has Matt on a bomb and Rebekah is trying to save his life. Rebekah kisses Matt and she ends up on the bomb and it explodes. Jeremy forces Elena to go to the graduation.  Everyone is at graduation and it's emotional. At graduation all the ghost that were killed were there, Kol wants the veil to stay open. Klaus shows back up just in time to save Elena, Stefan and Damon from the witches that want revenge. Klaus finally told Caroline that Tyler is free.

Elena tells Damon that she loves him!!!! That scene almost made me cry.

So the veil is finally close and we find out that Jeremy is alive!!! But Bonnie is dead and doesn't come back. Last we have a epic Katherine and Elena showdown.... Elena makes Katherine take the cure, she is human now. Katherine Human??? I wonder how she will take this....

Silas shows his real form and he is Stefan!!! He puts Stefan in a lock box and kicks it down to the lake. What's going to happen to Stefan???

This was a epic and insane season finale. I want to know what's going to happen next.

CES <3

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