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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Tag 2013

Hey everyone today I am doing the pretty little liars tag that I found off of YouTube that was created by Ingrid. I added some questions of my own at the end.

1. Who is Your favorite Character?

My favorite Character is Hanna because she is funny and I love her fashion style.

2. Who do You think is behind the A Team?

Well we already know that Mona is the major player. Yet it showed that Toby was also working for the A team but he is only doing it to protect Spencer.....We hope that is the truth. So who else could it be? I am thinking Paige, I just really don't trust her still.

3. Who do you Ship?

I love Hanna and Caleb together ever since the beginning. They are so opposite but yet they understand each other. Caleb will do anything for Hanna.

4. Most memorable/cheesy Moment?

When Spencer and Toby were playing scrabble in the hotel room. The next morning she woke up with her hands around Toby. My favorite memorable part is where they first kiss. I still remember that scene.

5. Favorite Bad Guy/Girl?

I am going with Jenna because we don't know what she is up to and she is always meeting with someone. We already know that Jenna doesn't like the girls. She is always planning something against them.

6. Who do You predict might become a Enemy?

I am thinking Melissa because she was meeting with Jenna in the finale. I don't trust her and I think she might be up to something bad.

7. Which girl do You think has been Hurt the most by A?

I think Emily has been hurt the most by A. A made it hard for Emily to keep a secret about her sexuality. A has drugged Emily multiple of times and Emily ended up in the hospital. A had Maya killed. Emily was locked up in a Barn with gas leaking in the air.

8. Which girl Style do you Love the most?

I love Hanna style. I wish I had her wardrobe!

9. Who can You relate to?

I relate the most to Hanna just for the fact that I was bullied when I was younger. I was bullied for wearing glasses, being short, and clothes not fitting my body.

10. Why do You think the girls keep seeing Alison?

For this I have a Theory that Alison is alive and she has been in hiding. Alison wants the girls to know she is okay.

11. Who is your Crush on the Show?

I have to say Jason because he is so sexy!

12. Least Favorite Character?

Jenna is my least favorite. I just don't trust her.

13. Biggest Shocking Moment?

Finding out that Toby was A or part of the A team.

14. Do you trust Toby?

I really want to trust Toby I just hope he doesn't let us down because I really love him with Spencer.

15. What would you do if A was after you?

If A was after me I would try my best to uncover who A is.

16. Favorite Parent?

Aria's Mom is my favorite parent. She is the most understanding.

17. Do you think Alison is Alive?

I think Alison is alive and just hiding out.

18. Do you believe in the Twin Theory?

I do think Alison has a twin. I think Alison twin maybe dead though but I don't really know what to believe.

19. What do you think Melissa, Jenna, and Shanna are up to?

I think they are kinda like the A Team in a way. They are sure up to no good. I don't know how Shanna fits into it yet. Jenna and Melissa both hated Alison.

20. When the show finally ends if you could write the ending how would you write it?

Where the girls are back in the barn and they wake up. Making everything that happen to them just a dream. Alison comes back into the barn.

CES <3

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