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Monday, May 20, 2013

My Thoughts of the Day: May 20, 2013

Hey everyone! This post is going to be me sharing my thoughts about today and what's been going on. So my main goal been lately is to register for the fall semester of college. I had two restrictions on me which are: 1. Re-apply to the college= I missed one semester of college and they are making me re-apply. I think it's really stupid 2. Give proof that I had the Bacterial Meningitis Shot. I completed the first restriction and I did my financial aid. I did the Fafsa online and it only took a couple of minutes. So now I have only one restriction on me but it's taking me a while because I lost my shot record.... I can't find it anywhere. So now I am trying to figure out what I can do. Ugh I didn't know it was going to be this hard to go back to college just for missing one semester!!!!!!!

 So If you didn't see my last post you should check it out because Saturday I took Chloe to the zoo and it was fun. She did really good.  

This Texas weather is driving me crazy it has been getting up in the 90's lately and I don't do good in the heat. So tomorrow me and my mom are going to Walmart to look at pools. I really would love to be in a pool right now. I think I might buy Chloe a mini pool for her.

But yea today has been a boring day. I just got done feeding Chloe and I am just going to watch youtube videos and Netflix. Chloe usually just lays on my lap. Later today I am going to put Chloe on her play mat for tummy time because the doctor told me that Chloe has a flat spot on her head because she prefers to lay only on one side.

* I think I will start doing these when I can. I will start doing outfit of the Day as soon as college begins which for me is August 26. I hope to take at least 4 classes. I don't want to overdo my self since I am trying to learn how to balance college and having a baby under one.*

CES <3

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