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Monday, May 27, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Spoilers

Hey everyone we are so close till we get to see the new season of PLL, it starts June 11. I promised ya'll that today post will be spoilers to Season 4.

Warning Spoilers Ahead........

1.  A Funeral.......

So when we start back we see the girls all dressed in black and attending a funeral. So I guess there was a dead body in the trunk. Who do you think this funeral is for?

2. New Cop is in Town....

He is the new cop in Rosewood and we see pictures of him talking to the liars about something important.

3. Mona gets a text from A

In this picture we see Mona with the girls and in the promo we see that she also gets a text from A. Does that means she is on the good side now or just playing them again?

4. We get sort of a answer to who threw Ian off the bell tower

Marlene says we will get a sort of a answer about who threw Ian off the bell tower. Maybe Mona?

5. Aria gets lessons from a Martial Arts instructor name Jake 

Aria seems like she wants to learn how to protect her self from A. Also beware that this guy might become Aria new love interest! "True Love Gets Tested"

6. Mike is back in Season 4 Episode 5

7. Spencer and Toby visit Ravenswood

That's right they will be visiting the town of Ravenswood. A clue leads them to this town and they are on a mission.

8. Hanna will visit Ravenswood as well this Season

Hanna will also be taking a trip to Ravenswood!

9. Caleb is leaving Rosewood for Ravenswood after the Halloween Episode

Caleb is moving to Ravenswood! What does this mean for his relationship with Hanna?

*These are all the spoilers I have for now! Remember to watch the new season on June 11.*

CES <3

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