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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Thoughts of the Day: May 21, 2013

Hey so last night me and Chloe went to sleep around 9:30pm we were just really tired last night. Chloe woke me up at 12:30am, 4am and 8am. We finally got ready for the day at 8am because I had to go to the bank and walmart. When we went to walmart I did pretty good I got a pool for $50, A big box of diapers, teething rings, food and some women stuff for me all for $130. We came home and I ate lunch then my mom finally found my birth certificate and my shot record!! So glad that I found those. I ended up calling my doctor and they said I had the shot last year so tomorrow I am going to go pick up the paper I need to show my college proof that I had the shot. Almost there to registering for my fall classes!!! I am really ready to go back to school. Next week I will be going to my college to turn in proof that I had the shot and see if I had any other restrictions on me.

Anyways ugh I am so annoyed because I been on my period for almost 2 weeks now! I know it will take some time to go back to normal because I just had Chloe but I hate being in pain everyday for almost 2 weeks. I am on birth control so I hope that it starts to regulate that soon. I really hope I am off of it by Saturday so I can go swimming in the pool.

So around lunch time today Chloe took a nap for a little bit then after I put her on her play mat for a while and I was watching Army Wives on Netflix. At 3pm it started to storm and it lasted till about almost 7pm. It's tornado season so lately I been watching the weather to keep a eye on it. I don't usually watch the weather but I do now since I have Chloe. So yea I just got done feeding Chloe and hopefully she will take a nap soon because she hasn't had a good nap since lunch time and it's 8:30pm here.

CES <3

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