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Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Thoughts of the Day: 5/26/2013

Hey everyone so yesterday I was going to do a blog post but then I got sick :( Chloe was gone for a while yesterday with her Grandparents while I was laying down on the couch resting. Later that night I started throwing up ugh! Anyways my mom watched Chloe last night for me so I can get some sleep in between throwing up. Today I been up since 9:30am just relaxing on the couch again while my mom is taking care of Chloe for me.

So the other day my phone got turned off :( It will probably be a while till it gets turned back on. So I won't be able to upload pictures to my blog posts. It just makes me mad that I found out at the last minute that it was getting turned off. Josh usually pays for mine and his phone bill but he didn't pay it in 2 months! I am going to try and help him get the phone back on.

I really just don't have a lot to talk about only the fact is that I hate being sick! First being on my period for 2 weeks then the other day I ended up falling in my room so I hit my head and banged my knee up to now being sick and throwing up. Just wish these days would get better for me. I hate being in pain all the time. Yesterday though I did send a email to my doctor asking if I should make a appointment since I been feeling very dizzy and weak. I am probably low on Iron again.

Anyways this is just a short post of my thoughts for the day. Tomorrow hopefully I will do the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers so look out for that.

CES <3

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