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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vampire Diaries Spinoff: The Originals (New TV Series)

Hey VD fans did you hear the news about a spinoff? Well if you haven't your hearing it now that Vampire Diaries is making a spinoff called The Originals. We know the Originals from VD because they played a huge role especially Klaus did. Klaus and Elijah go back to their loved town of New Orleans to take back what is rightfully theirs.

History of The Originals:

They are the worlds first and most dangerous vampires, they were created by a ritual done by their powerful witch mother (Esther). She met her husband, Mikael, and they had 5 children. Their children are Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Rebekah and Kol. She did this act so she can protect them from werewolves.

Members of The Original Family:

Mikael: He was the vampire hunter he tracked Klaus down and the rest of the family for a thousand years trying to kill them. He mostly desired to kill Klaus because of his wife infidelity. Mikael and Klaus never got along in the first place, Mikael thought he was Violent and Immature. Klaus eventually killed his father.

Esther: She is not a vampire, she is a powerful witch. She was the apprentice of the worlds most powerful witch named Ayanna in her first years in America. She turned her family into vampires by summoning life from the White Oak tree then making them drink blood from Tatia Petrova before having Mikael kill them. Klaus also killed his mother after she binded the family to a moonstone.

Elijah: He is the oldest out of his siblings. His is in love with Katherine ever since 1492 and helped her escape Klaus. His is shown to be the peaceful and most sophisticated, He is normally kind, selfless and caring.

Finn: is the second oldest. He wishes to put an end to the evil and the pain that his siblings created. He agrees with his mother point of view and helps her with undoing what she did but Klaus stops it. He was in love with Sage.

Klaus: He is the most dangerous out of his siblings. Klaus mother had a affair with a werewolf tribe member and in the end result Klaus came out as a werewolf. After becoming a vampire, he became an Original Hybrid. Klaus for centuries has been hunting down Katherine because she is a Petrova. Klaus makes a Hybrid Army and has to use Elena's blood to keep them alive. Klaus feels the most alone so he turns to painting to express his emotions.

Kol: He is the youngest son of the family. He stirs up a lot of trouble.

Rebekah: The only Daughter in the family. She shares a deep bond with her brother Klaus. In the 1920's She had a romantic interest for Stefan. She is mostly insecure but her desire is to become human and have a family of her own.  

*They had two other brothers but they both died. One by werewolves and the other by a plague.*

Characters of the show other than the Originals:

Marcel: Once a nothing vampire to becoming the king of New Orleans. He was mentored and saved by Klaus. He controls the Vampires and Witches of the town.

Hayley: She is a werewolf who comes to New Orleans searching for information about her family history. We soon find out that she is pregnant by Klaus.

Sophie: A witch who sister died by Marcel. She wants to take down Marcel and needs Klaus help. She currently works at a bar in New Orleans.

*Stay Tuned as soon I will do a Recap on the backdoor pilot to the Original show that aired on April 26*

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