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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Spinoff: Ravenswood New TV Series

Hey PLL fans I got great news for you if you haven't heard.... The Excutive Producer of PLL is making a spinoff series called Ravenswood. This was announced a couple of months ago and this is coming this year in October following the Halloween episode of PLL. Do you think this could be as good as Pretty Little Liars? Well let's discuss the summary and the characters of this new series and I will let you decide.


Not far from Rosewood is a town called Ravenswood where a deadly curse is plaguing the people of the town. The curse is about to strike again when 5 strangers suddenly find themselves in the middle of it. The strangers have to dig deep to find what the town is hiding before it's too late.

Marlene King Tweeted "Like Rosewood, Ravenswood has dark secrets"

Meet The Characters: 

So as we know of the characters that they have released us to know is four. I will give you some detail into their character. Right now though we don't know who is playing these characters except for one who is coming from PLL to join the Ravenswood cast.

is a feisty attractive 17 year old who is a foster kid. She has a lot of confidence but that wasn't easy to get. She uses her wits to cover up her emotional scars. But she is fearless and could be a loyal friend for life.

is a 17 year old lone wolf who has something dangerous lurking inside him or just trying to hide his actual feelings. His trust is hard to earn. Abel has a twin sister named Olivia.

is Abel's twin sister and a formal prom queen. She used to be carefree and happy but recent events has her questioning whats important. 

And the one character who is coming from Pretty Little Liars is........

Caleb Rivers:
As we know we barely know of his past except for him being a foster kid and him never really knowing his dad. Caleb is strong willed but has a hard time trusting people in his life. He is the only one who can unlock the secrets of Ravenswood.

So now that you got a little more information about this spinoff, what do you think? Comment below and tell me would you watch this. When I find out more information I will do a update. Who do you want as actors to play the characters?

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