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Monday, January 16, 2012

Vampire Diaries: Our Town Recap!!

Hey! So this episode I thought was pretty sad, it was really good but sad. Anyways It's Caroline's birthday! but she is not really excited to celebrate it. So to change that Elena, Matt, and Bonnie decide to help her at least celebrate it a little at least.
Caroline ditch school after she had a run in with Tyler. Tyler told her he can't put her first even if he wanted to. He was sorry about that and for her present he gave her a Bracelet. Elena, Matt, and Bonnie decide to catch her at her house and took her to a cemetery. They called her Party a Funeral so she can at least move forward. So Speaking of Bonnie she tried many spells to open the coffin up but no luck for her. Stefan is pressuring her to try everything to get it to open to see if there is a key into defeating Klaus. Bonnie is also upset and mad at Elena for making Jeremy leave and not letting him decide for his self. I have to be on Elena side about this because she lost almost everyone she loved and she didn't want Jeremy to die too. I mean that's understanding of her to protect him and make sure Klaus doesn't come after him. Before Jeremy left, Bonnie told her goodbyes to him even though she didn't want him to leave.
So there was a Founder's Party and Guess who showed up? Klaus and Dr.Fell. Klaus showed up to talk to Tyler Mom who is the Mayor about he would keep the peace if Stefan gave back what he took. Dr.Fell showed up because she is one of the Founder Family of course! Well Alaric sees her and her Boyfriend having a argument and went to see what was going on. Her Boyfriend said that Dr.Fell is psycho and that she is not who she claim she is. Who is the True Dr.Fell then? Is she a Vampire? Vampire Hunter? A Hybrid? I can say that I hope she doesn't end up with Alaric because Alaric deserves someone better. Stefan also showed up at the Party only to try and kill another Hybrid but Damon stop him.
 So Stefan and Klaus face off to see who can call the Bluff and who isn't. Stefan stands his ground by doing whatever it takes to take down Klaus and get rid of the Hybrids. Stefan told Klaus if he doesn't get rid of the Hybrids he will find them all and kill them. Stefan gets a little crazy and says that to defeat a Villain you have to be the better Villain. For some reason I am hating Stefan every episode now I mean can you at least show a little Humanity? I mean poor Elena who has to deal with everything and she is managing to stay strong no matter what goes her way.
So Klaus Decides that Tyler needed to Bite Caroline so that he can send a message to everyone but Tyler refuses to do that. Tyler later shows up at Caroline's little party only to tell her He loves her! but then he bites her without meaning to do that. Way to go Tyler she won't love you after this. So Matt finds Caroline and Brings her home to her Mom so they can find out what to do with her. Klaus shows up saying he can save her if Caroline Mom will let him in. She lets him in and Klaus tells Caroline he can save her only if she wants to be saved. Klaus was really sweet to her and I am starting to like them two together. Klaus told her that she can have many more birthdays and that there is a whole world out there for her to see filled with Places, Art and Music. Caroline tells him she doesn't want to die so He saves her!
So Stefan decides to play a little game with Klaus by taking Elena in his car and driving her off the Bridge or turning her into a Vampire. Stefan called Klaus while Driving Insanely fast on the same bridge that Elena parents died on. Klaus told Stefan he would stop if Stefan would. When car stop after almost killing Elena, She was so upset with Stefan for doing that to her. Elena said "After everything this what mattered? You had me Stefan!!" Stefan is out of his mind for doing what he did. Your just pushing Elena farther away from you. I don't think Stefan cares anymore what happens to anyone around him. He just wants to take down Klaus.
So at the end Caroline Mom calls Damon to a Crime Scene that just happened. And for the First time for probably a while it's not a Vampire Killing it's a Murder! Who died? Well it was Dr.Fell Boyfriend! I think she killed him. There is something not right with her because of the way she is acting. Who is she? I really hope Damon keeps Alaric away from her because if not Alaric will end up dead next and I will not be happy. I love Alaric and the way he is protecting Elena after everything that happened with him. So what will happen next? And Will we ever see Jeremy again?

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