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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Switch At Birth: Starry Night Recap

Hey! So I don't know about ya'll but I been really loving Switched at Birth. It has gotten so good and I love how the Plot is set up.
Anyways we are first seen with Bay who is talking to Emmett on her phone via Video Chat because he is on a Road trip to play in Wilke and Bay's Brother's band. I just love Bay and Emmett together even though some times it's rough for them to try and communicate with each other. So when Bay is talking to Emmett on her Phone, Daphne comes in and tells her that there is a Family meeting. When everyone is in the Living room, Bay Dad tells her and everyone that if Bay wants to see her Real Dad Angelo that someone will go with them at all times and that their phone calls with be Monitored. Do you think it's a bit much? So Bay told her Dad that she was going to a Jazz Club with him and He said he would go but Bay got her Real Mom Regina to go with her instead.
At the Jazz Club everything seemed to be going well with Angelo about old times until he gets Alcohol sent to the table. If you remembered Regina doesn't drink anymore and it causes her and Angelo to argue to the point where Regina gets up and walks away. Well not so good Family reunion. 
So At the Place where the Band is Playing they don't get a Very good spot to play at so Wilke makes Toby and Emmet round up people to come and see them Play. Toby is mad when he finds out that they are not playing for the band that they wanted to.
Emmett and Toby comes up with a Great idea to tell people that they will have free beer in order for people to show up when they play. Wilke thinks it's a great idea and changes some things to the Flyer that they were passing out. Daphne decided that she needed to talk to Emmett so she decides to take a Road Trip to see them Play at the Concert. When Daphne arrives she finds Emmett tent and sleeps next to him. When Emmett wakes up, he is shocked to see her there. Emmett gets mad to see that she was there and Daphne was going to leave when she decided to stay around and support her brother playing in the Band. Bay soon finds out that Daphne went to see Emmett and Bay decides to go up there herself.
Anyways so in this Episode we find out that the Nurse working at the Hospital the night when Bay and Daphne were born Remembered who they were and that she was sorry for what had happen.
So when Bay shows up at the Concert Bay is not happy to see Daphne there but She is excited to see Emmett and you can tell he was happy that she was there supporting him. Well when the Band sets up the People realize that they are not giving out free beer and they get angry but when they Start to play they did gain fans. Daphne was mad when she seen Emmett looking at Bay so she left and went to sit by the Docks.
When she was sitting there Wilke showed up! He said that Daphne can tell him anything and that he would Listen. I just think that Daphne should be with Wilke! They are perfect for each other. Daphne vented to him and she said that she wished she can turn off her brain for a moment and Wilke said he had a Solution. Wilke took off her hearing aid and pushed her into the water and he jumped in after her. When Bay and Emmett were walking around the Stop to get some food and the guy that was taking orders was in a rush and he yelling at Emmett so Bay ordered for him. Emmett also got upset when a Guy stop to talk to Emmett about wanting the Free beer and Bay yelled that Emmett was deaf and Emmett got mad and walked away. Later Bay went to set things straight and she told Emmett that it will take work but she wants to stay with him.

*Hope You like this Show as much as I do*

CES <3

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  1. I agree, I want Daphne and Wilkie to be together too! Check out my recap if you have a chance: http://21saraloves.blogspot.com/2012/01/starry-night.html