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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "The Blonde Leading the Blind"

Hey! So sorry I am late with putting this up but at least it's up before tomorrow night show. Anyways the Girls are at School talking about their Love life.
Hanna doesn't want Caleb anywhere near dealing with trying to figure out more files on A phone. But Aria, Spencer, and Emily get Caleb to do it anyways without Hanna knowing. Toby wants to be in Spencer life but Spencer doesn't want him to get hurt. Emily knows now that Maya seen someone else at camp. Aria wants to be with Ezra and is having trouble with her family getting in the way. Plus with Holden back in town will Aria use him to get what she wants? Anyways Aria will do anything to see Ezra and to be with him, Holden says they can have their "Dates" so Aria can spend time with Ezra. Holden has some secrets of his own and I wonder what he is hiding. Aria meets with Holden at School to talk about their next date when Aria mentions that the Girls thinks he is Gay.
Holden just laughs it off and says that he is not Gay. So what is he doing when Aria leaves him on their date to see Ezra? Who is he talking to? So I guess they are using each other to get what they want and plus to please their parents.
So Toby is not giving up without a fight to be with Spencer. Toby is outside Spencer house when he calls Emily so he can talk to Spencer. Spencer doesn't want to talk to him so she tells Emily to say she is not here. Emily just really doesn't want to get into the middle of it but she can't help it when Spencer needs her. Toby knows that Emily is lying and he really wants to speak with Spencer.
When The Girls leave the House Toby is working high up on a steel thing when the bolts are loose and it falls with leaving Toby ending up in the Hospital with a Broken arm! Now at the end of last Episode we see that A was messing with the bolts so that Toby would end up getting hurt, sending a message to Spencer. At School, Spencer gets a call saying that Toby is in the Hospital. Spencer and Emily go see Toby to make sure he is okay. Spencer is shocked when she sees that Wren is Toby doctor!!! So glad that we got to see Wren again and he is so sexy. Anyways I thought that Wren would tell Toby that He and Spencer kissed but he doesn't.
So Spencer decides that she wants Toby not to be around her or to be with her because she doesn't want A hurting him anymore. Spencer asked for Emily to help her but she told Emily after she does that Emily won't like Spencer. Emily goes see Toby in the Hospital and she tells Toby that she has to tell him something about Spencer. Emily tells Toby that Spencer kissed Wren! Spencer knew that Toby would be hurt by it but Spencer doesn't want Toby ending up dead and of course I don't want that either! Anyways when Wren walks in Toby lets Wren know that even though one arm is hurt the other one is strong still. Wren and Toby fight for Spencer? That would be interesting. Who you think is best for Spencer?
Caleb is still working on A file when he comes across a Video Clip on the last moments before Ali died. When he was watching the Video we find out that Ian wasn't the last person that Ali seen....It was Garret! Why was Garret with Ali? We also find out that Ian was recording when he was talking to Jenna and Garret while they were in Ali room. What were they looking for in her room? Caleb is shocked by what he sees and when he gets up from the table at a cafe he sees Garret at another table. So is Garret and Jenna keeping their eyes on Caleb? I see why Hanna doesn't want Caleb messing around with those files. No telling what else he can find on them.
Caleb goes and talks to Hanna about why are the girls looking into Ali death. Hanna doesn't want him to worry about it because she is afraid A will hurt Caleb. Hanna tells Caleb that she wants him to stop messing around with those files and to promise her he will. Hanna takes the Flash drive out of his hand and she throws it in the blender. The flash drive is destroyed. Caleb promises that he will stop but he tells Aria, Emily and Spencer that he made a copy of the files and that he wants to keep helping them without Hanna knowing. Oh Caleb will you listen to Hanna! She is trying to save your life, A will soon hurt you too. Hanna is soon gonna find out that Caleb is lying to her and she is not gonna like it so much.
So Aria has been trying to get a hold of Ezra lately but he won't speak to her. Aria tries one last time by leaving a voice mail saying to meet her tonight at the Big clock so they can talk because she doesn't want to give up on her and Ezra. Later tonight, Aria meets up with Holden. Holden leaves and Aria wonders where he goes. Aria waits as she wonders if Ezra will show up. It starts to pour down raining and Aria doesn't know if he is gonna show up. When she looks around she sees Ezra car! Ezra shows up because he knows that he can't give up on them no matter how hard their situation is.
They deserve to be together!!! Anyways when Ezra leaves, Aria rushes to the place that her Mom said that she will pick her and Holden up at. When her Mom shows up, Holden is not there and Aria starts to panic. Holden finally shows up with Coffee to make an excuse up so that Aria Mom won't find out that Aria had seen Ezra.

Favorite Hottie:
Wren is back and he is so Sexy!!

Favorite Quote: "Jenna would kill and eat her own Mother to get back at us"-Hanna

Best Dressed:
I really liked Hanna style in this Episode. It was girly but a little edgy too.

CES <3

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