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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Series: Aria

Hey! So Since Pretty Little Liars comes on tonight I thought I would do this Post for ya'll. On the Show everyone has their own style and how they put outfits together so I thought I would share each of their Styles with you. Aria is Edgy/Girly, Hanna is Girly, Emily is Casual, and Spencer is Preppy. This is a Series and I am starting with Aria first.

She has a very Edgy style. She likes to mix and match things to create her own style. She doesn't care what other people think of her style. Wears a lot of Black, Leather, Boots, Lace, Dresses, and Vintage Jewelry. 

Disclaimer: Next I am posting Pictures of Clothing I think Aria would wear and is kinda like her style. It's not Exact. Just my view on it.

Back when she was younger I think she would have wore something similar to this when she was still in her Goth Stage.

I like this Shirt and it's very edgy and Aria could put her own twist to this and make it work with a outfit.

Aria loves to wear Leather Jackets.

It's Black and has lace. Something Aria could pull off.

Just thought she would wear something like this. Could be paired with anything.

Aria wore something very similar to this in a episode. Can't remember which one though.

Aria wore a pair of these where she was talking to Dr.Sullivan.

Aria would love to wear these!

Aria wore this necklace with her Pink dress to Hanna Dad wedding. This Necklace is Juicy Couture Skull Pendant.

*I Hope you liked this! I could also do a Vampire Diaries one if ya'll would like. Let me know down below how you felt about this! Oh Remember to watch Pretty Little Liars tonight*

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  1. You should do a Katherine from TVD fashion post. I did an Aria one just like this one a while ago, I'd love it if you stopped by and checked it out!


  2. Thanks Girl! I plan on doing rest of girls from PLL then TVD:)