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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "Hot Piece of A"

Hey! This Episode was Amazing, So much Drama and we found out some things that might soon lead us to the Identity of A. It starts out with the Girls in the Green House with A phone trying to figure out what to do with the Phone. Spencer, Aria, and Emily suggest they go to Caleb because he is good with Hacking into phones but Hanna doesn't want them too.
Back at Hanna house she finally agrees to let Caleb work on the phone even though she doesn't want him too. Caleb ask where they got the Phone but Hanna says they found it but Caleb doesn't believe in. When he was working on the Phone on the Computer A had already turn the phone off but Caleb was able to get a few files off of it. So now Hanna has to deal with this, her school work, and Kate moving to Rosewood. Hanna is stressed out and I would be too if I was dealing with all of this. At school Hanna meets up with Caleb and he wants to know about the phone that he has to work on and doesn't want Hanna lying to him. Hanna told him she can't tell him now and she is wondering why is he working on the phone at school.
Emily and Spencer meet up and Spencer ask Emily if she would go with her to snoop around Jason house. Jason? Where is he Anyways?? Emily says she couldn't because she had to start at the Hotline for trouble teens today. Spencer also finds out that Hanna and Caleb were at her Lake house and they already made some memories there. Spencer is not too happy about that. Anyways at School Aria borrows Hanna phone so she can talk to Ezra because her family is still not liking her relationship with him. Bryon is coming down the strongest and Aria is grounded to her room with not much to do. Ella she seems like she can come to the idea of allowing them to date but it will probably take some time.
Aria calls Ezra but she gets only his answering Machine! Aria leaves a message saying that her parents are still tense about what has happen and that she thinks they will come to the idea soon, also that she misses him and loves him. Poor Aria she deserves to be with Ezra!!!!
So Spencer decides to meet up with Toby because she misses him even though she can't see him. I know that Spencer doesn't want Toby to get hurt but they are perfect for each other. I think Toby could help them find out who the Identity of A is and soon he will know eventually so she just needs to tell him and see what he says about it. She needs to at least try because she doesn't need to lose him.
While in the Truck talking to Toby she realizes she can't be without him and they Kiss!! Does that mean they are back together? Because I love Spencer with Toby. While they are making out they Hear Garrett show up arguing with Jenna on the phone. Garrett sounded really upset and it seems like Jenna broke up with them. When Spencer leaves Toby and Garrett start talking about Jenna. Toby says when Jenna is done with things she throws them out and find something better. Garrett doesn't like this and he says no matter what he is gonna get Jenna back because he is in love with Jenna. In this scene I had sympathy for Garrett which I hated him until now. He kinda showed a soft side to him. Which we finally needed to see.
So Anyways guess which 2 people go and visit Ezra! Well the first is Aria Dad, He goes to Ezra Apartment to tell Ezra not to see Aria again. This makes me sad that Byron is acting this way. I know Aria lied but Ezra really is a good person. Ezra said "I know this Relationship is wrong but that's why I took the Job at Hollis." Byron also saw that Aria has been here and doesn't like it at all. Byron leaves with telling that if Ezra doesn't leave Aria alone he will go to the cops. At Aria House, Aria tries again to get a hold of Ezra and she does but the conversation doesn't last long. Ezra tells her that she can never see him or call him again! This even breaks my heart. Later Aria and her Family decide to go out for dinner but go to the same restaurant where Ezra is at! They decide to leave when Aria runs into a Childhood Friend named Holden. I have to say I think he is sooo Cute! Anyways later at Ezra office, Hanna pays him a visit. Hanna tells him "That when two people love each other so much they should be together" Way to Go Hanna for being on Team Ezria!!!!!
So Hanna decides to throw Caleb a Birthday Party because he hasn't had one probably for a long time. Spencer allows her to have it at the Lake house and offers to help, though Hanna wants Lucas to help her out with things too. Lucas says he will help but he seems to be acting weird. 
Well The caller that has been calling at the Hotline calls again when Emily is on the Phone and it is Lucas!! Lucas says there is something he has to do and it has to be tonight because he can't take seeing them two together anymore. Emily and Spencer were shocked when they found out and tried to warn Hanna but Hanna doesn't believe that Lucas is Evil. At the Party Hanna is running around trying to make sure everything is perfect before Caleb shows up. Spencer finds out that A has been using her Family lake house as it hide out. Spencer, Emily and Aria are worried about Lucas being around Hanna so they try to go find her but they don't. Hanna and Lucas decide to row a boat across the lake to set up the fireworks. Well Hanna decides that she wants to turn around and thats when Lucas snaps and tells her they are not leaving. Lucas acts more angry and Hanna starts to worry, Hanna stands up and Lucas almost hits her with a box when Hanna knocks Lucas and her out of the Boat. Emily, Spencer and Aria start to freak out and calling her name when everyone from the Party come outside wondering whats going on. Hanna finally swims over to the house and Caleb shows up seeing Hanna all wet wondering what happen and all Hanna can say is "Surprise."

Favorite Hottie:
Sorry but I had to say Garrett because he showed a soft side and he looked so cute! I used to hate him but I'm starting to like this side of him. 

Favorite Quote:
"Hanna these are not highlights in my hair, they are Glass"-Emily
"When two people love each other so much they should be together"-Hanna

Best Dressed:
I liked the way Emily dressed in this Photo! It's something I would wear and that I have in my Closet.

*Hope you enjoyed this Episode as Much as I did!!! So What do you think happened to Lucas? Is he working with A or could he be A?*

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