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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vampire Diaries: New Deal Recap

Hey! Yea I am little behind putting this up but I thought I should still share this recap with you. Now I barely just got done watching this Episode and I thought it was pretty good.
So it starts off with Bonnie having a Dream about 4 coffins and when she tell Elena, She thinks it's one of her Witch dreams trying to tell her something. Elena is sitting at the Grill telling Bonnie that she is Paranoid of everything now which can You blame her after everything that happen to her? Anyways Elena, Damon and Alaric discover that Jeremy got fired 2 weeks ago from his Job and didn't tell anyone.
While Damon and Elena was talking, Klaus showed up at the Grill demanding that they find Stefan so he can get back what Stefan took. They should already know that Klaus will not back down till he gets his family back. So Bonnie decides to take a trip to the "Haunted house" as Damon calls it. When she arrives she notice Stefan is there and he asks for Bonnie help to hide the 4 coffins from Klaus. Since that being where the Witches used to stay they decide to use their powers to hide the coffins because they hate Klaus more than anybody else. So Jeremy and Tyler go out in the woods to get drunk and shoot some beer cans. Jeremy borrows Alaric Bow arrow gun.
Jeremy lately has been spending a lot of time with Tyler and Elena doesn't like it. Back with Elena, She and Damon decide to take a trip and visit Stefan. Damon can't get into the house without being burn because well the Witches hate Damon. So Elena goes in and talks to Stefan about everything and Stefan shows that he really doesn't care anymore. Elena gets upset and slaps Stefan! Damon decides to see Stefan for himself and he finds out that the reason why Stefan stop Damon plan of killing Klaus to protect his brother Damon. Back at the house Elena and Alaric try to have a nice dinner but Jeremy makes it harder by inviting Tyler into the house. Well Klaus has enough and wants to send Damon and Elena a message. Elena and Alaric turn their backs for a second and finds Jeremy standing in middle of street and a car about to ran him over when Alaric saves him by throwing his self infront of the car.
Jeremy is okay but Alaric is dead but his ring brings him back to life but it causes him to end up in Hospital. Elena also witnesses Jeremy killing a Hybrid and she doesn't want him to do that. Elena makes a deal with Klaus that if she gives him Rebeckah that Klaus would leave Jeremy alone. So Elena goes and shows him where they kept her at and Klaus says A Deal was a Deal. Elena also tells Klaus that Rebeckah knows about Klaus killing their Mother. Uh Oh Klaus when she wakes up she is gonna come after you with everything she has. Elena Decides that Jeremy deserves a better life and she gets Damon to compel Jeremy saying "Your gonna go live with some family friends in Denver. Your gonna go to school meet nice girls...living girls. Your gonna take a art class or do whatever you want. Your gonna leave Mystic Falls behind and never think twice about it again. Your gonna have a Better life Jeremy." This makes me sad because I love Jeremy and I think he is so sexy but He does need a better life and one where he can actually meet and have a nice relationship with a girl. Elena gets upset and walks outside and Damon follows and tries to comfort her.
Damon tells Elena that he found out that Stefan just wanted to save his life and Elena doesn't know what that means. Damon says he been feeling Guilty and if he should it should be about this....Damon Kisses Elena and She lets him!!!! Omg I have been waiting for this moment for a while now.

Preview to "Our Town":

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  1. I waited for that kiss for 3 seasons! I even made a post all about it lol


  2. Lol Yea I seen your Post Awesome!! lol