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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "Through many Dangers, Toils and Snares"

Hey! So yes it's that Time again where I recap on The hit show Pretty Little Liars. So where we left off before is where the Girls were digging for who they thought was Dr.Sullivan but instead A framed them and the Police picked them up for questioning. When they seen the Judge, the Judge lets them off with Community Service.
When picking up trash Spencer and Emily get into a argument over the Idea that Emily had that Spencer said wouldn't work. For getting into a fight they had to get 2 more weeks of Community Service. Both Spencer and Emily are becoming a lot more Badass in this Season! So at School things get a lot more tense between Spencer and Emily. Hanna and Aria I think are just standing back and letting them fight because what else can they do. When bell rings for class Spencer and Emily knock into each other and their books fall to the ground and almost get into a fight again. Aria Mom doesn't like the way they have been acting toward each other and just wants them to try and get along. So walking home Spencer runs into Toby!!
Toby has a Gift for Spencer that he made and it was a Rocking Chair. Toby is so Sweet and I know that Spencer doesn't want him to get hurt but she shouldn't kick him out of her life completely. Anyways Spencer tells Toby that she can't keep it and that for Toby to stay out of her Life right now. Poor Toby he really does Love Spencer.
Next is Aria she went to Ezra office at Hollis to drop off a Book when Jackie saw her! Jackie told Aria never to come back to Hollis and to Stay away from Ezra. I really hate Jackie!!! Well Ezra walked in and saw Jackie and Aria talking. After Jackie left Aria explained to Ezra what happened and Ezra said that it was time they Do something about their Relationship!
Ezra and Aria went back to Aria house, Ezra told Aria Parents that He was in LOVE with Aria!!! It's about time. Bryon wasn't happy when he heard and was pretty shocked to hear it. That's not all that happen, Mike showed up and heard what happen and He punched Ezra in the Face!!
Now for Hanna Well guess who is back in Rosewood...Caleb and Hanna's Dad!! Hanna is so happy that she gets to spend time with Caleb but not the same feeling when it comes to her Dad. Hanna is still upset with her Dad and even more now since they are moving to Rosewood and Kate is going to High School where Hanna goes. Drama!!!
So later on in the Show we find out that Spencer and Emily were faking hating each other so they can Trick A. Well it worked and A sent Emily a text saying that need to meet tonight. Emily texted all the girls and told her to meet her there so they can trick A and trap A there. Emily goes alone to the Place and arrives first. Spencer was Delayed because Toby shows up and Toby calls Spencer out on way she been acting and says She acts so much like Allison!! Hanna was Delayed because she had a Family Meeting. Aria was Delayed because After her parents found out about Ezra they made her stay in her Room. Finally though all the girls made it there but not fast enough because Emily told A that she and the Girls tricked it and they had Nothing. A started to attack Emily and Then the Girls finally showed up but A made a run for it. Hanna finally showed up in her Car when she Ran over A!!! Can U say Payback is a Bitch and Karma!!! 
So it ended with the Girls chasing A through the Woods and A got away. The Girls are devastated because they think they have nothing until they go back to Hanna car and see that A left it's Phone!!! 

Favorite Hottie:
Caleb of Course:)

Favorite A text message: 
"You were always my favorite. Wanna make a Deal? xoxoxo-A

Favorite Quote:
"I love your Daughter. I love Aria"-Ezra!!!

Best Dressed:
I always loved how Hanna dresses. Her style is so girly and I wish I had her clothes!

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Sweater: Halogen
Dress: Rebecca Minkoff
Shoes: Enzo Angiolino

*So I hope You liked this Episode because I know I did! Look out for Switch at Birth, Vampire Diaries, and Once Upon a Time Recaps coming soon!!!*

CES <3


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