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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 "Let The Water Hold Me Down"

Hey! Here comes another recap for you of Pretty Little Liars. So last episode at the end it showed Hanna and Lucas in a boat and Hanna was the only one that resurfaced and Lucas was no where to be found.
Back at Hanna house, Emily, Spencer and Aria are with Hanna so she doesn't have to be alone. They also had some questions for Hanna about if she thinks Lucas is connected to A. Hanna doesn't think so and she knows that Lucas is out there somewhere. The Girls helped Hanna get some things for her and when Hanna got her Water Bottle it had Lake water in it. Soon A sent her a Message saying "Not so fun Chugging lake water choke on this bitch." Seems like A is out to get Hanna big time and with Caleb helping the Girls he can soon be a target. So Caleb wants to go find Lucas because he is worried about him and wants Hanna to help him but she doesn't want to. Caleb knows something isn't right and ask Hanna what really happened at the Lake house between them two. Hanna and Caleb get into a Fight about it and Hanna wants Caleb to drop it but Caleb knows that Hanna is lying to him.
So at School, Hanna finds out that they are taking her Homecoming picture off the wall because they don't think Tiaras and Orange Jumpsuits are a good fit. This makes Hanna upset and when Mona talks to her about her Break up with Noel, Hanna doesn't listen and it causes Mona to say that all Hanna thinks about is her self. Mona is upset with her and walks away. Hanna is so upset that she goes into the Bathroom stall and she starts to break down and cry. Poor Hanna she has a lot to deal with. Anyways while she is in there water starts coming into her stall so she goes out to see what it is and she sees that the sink is over flowing with water and there is a small boat in there with paddles. A has done the Job. Well Hanna gets another Text from A "Life is but a Dream and I am your Nightmare."
So Hanna Mom is worried about Hanna and Lucas. Ashley asks a lot of questions to Hanna about what Happened to Lucas and the Number to his parents so she can talk to them. Hanna doesn't want her Mom to know the truth about what had happened between them. Hanna Mom feels responsible for Lucas since the Party has thrown by her Daughter. Ashley tells her daughter that Lucas will show up when he is ready to talk and that she is sure he is okay. If only Ashley Marin knew what had happen at the Lake House. Hanna just doesn't want her to worry about because Hanna still doesn't know her self about what Lucas was thinking and why the things happen the way that they did. Does Hanna really want him to be found?
So Spencer has something to tell the Girls and it's about more Phones that she found at her Parents Lake house. So A was using Spencer Parents lake house as it's Hiding place? Why that place? Yes they never use it often but Spencer would eventually find out what that place was used for by A. Spencer also found a Receipt and the date was around when Hanna and Caleb were there "Messing around" on Spencer Grandma couch. Which Spencer is still not happy about that. So Spencer wants someone to go with her to check it out so Aria decides that she would go with Spencer so Spencer won't have to go alone. Hanna didn't want to because she still has a lot going on and with wondering where Lucas is at and Caleb not talking to her.
 So Spencer and Aria after school went to check out that Place that was on the Receipt. It leads them downtown and a couple of blocks away from where Melissa stays. So Speaking of Melissa, How come we don't see her that Much? She still Pregnant I think. Anyways the place leads them to a Magazine stand and they can't figure out exactly why. Aria had to go and get ready for her and Holden date, Yes she is going on a date with Holden. Spencer was walking away when she saw a school for the Blind and decided to check it out to see if Jenna went to this school downtown. When Spencer went in she asked the lady at the Table if Jenna went here but the Lady couldn't give out any information to her.
Spencer was about to leave when a Guy said that he used to know Jenna when she was here. So Jenna did go to this school for the Blind. The guy seemed like he was really fond of Jenna and said that she had helped him out when he first became blind. Spencer found it hard to believe at first. The guy also said that he hasn't talked to Jenna in a while though. After talking to him Spencer saw the books that kept all sign ins in it and she decided to steal with one with the year Jenna was suppose to be attending the school for the blind. The Girls found out Jenna wasn't at the school the night Alison went missing and wondered what and where Jenna was at the time. When Spencer was walking to her car, Mona stop to talk to her. Spencer gave Mona some advice about Noel.
So Aria and Holden decided to have their date at a band that was playing music. Aria knew Ezra was going to show up because he was talking about it two months earlier and that he already bought the tickets. Anyways When Aria and Holden were talking, Ezra finally showed up and seen Aria out with another guy! Ezra looked a little jealous. Aria couldn't keep her eyes off of Ezra and Holden knew something was up. Well half way through the Concert Ezra left, Guess he didn't wanna see Aria with another guy. After it was over, Holden told Aria that he knows about her and Ezra! He saw the way Aria were looking at Ezra. Holden told Aria also that She is not the only one keeping secrets from her family. So what is Holden hiding from his Family? What Secret? So Aria is a little bummed but Holden said that they should go on one more date to see if Aria can get Ezra back. So Holden is on Team Ezria! I hope she doesn't fall for him though.
So Lately Maya has been acting weird around Emily and Emily doesn't know what to think about it. Maya has been getting a lot of phone calls and Texts from a Person that is seem to be bothering Maya. Emily decided to have a Date night with her just so they can catch up with each other. I think Maya and Emily look cute together but there is something about Maya that worries me. Anybody else has that Feeling? Well Maya finally tells Emily that she hooked up at the Camp with someone. Emily said that she didn't care because they weren't really together at the time. What gets Emily in a Confused face is that Maya said she hooked up with a Guy and that he won't take no for a answer. Do you believe Maya?
So back at Hanna house, Hanna was left alone with her mother up stairs. She was worried about Caleb because he went by his self to find Lucas and he wasn't answering the phone. Hanna just wanted to make sure that he was okay. Well when Hanna went to her room, Lucas showed up in her room!! She was scared not knowing what Lucas would do to her. Caleb finally showed up and he got a call from Hanna and she was yelling at Lucas. Caleb rushed up stairs to her side and Lucas had to explain what happen. Lucas told Caleb that he lost all of Caleb money at a race track gambling all his money away. Lucas felt bad so he spent his time going to comic book stores selling his comics trying to get back the money that he took from Caleb. Do you believe his story? Hanna told Lucas that she doesn't know who he is anymore.

Favorite Hottie:
Caleb came to Hanna rescue in this Episode!

"A" Message: "Life is but a Dream and I am your worst Nightmare"

Favorite Quote: "Just because we want to throw up every time our phone rings, doesn't mean everyone else is living in fear"-Hanna

Best Dressed:
Has to say that Aria looked Amazing here. I love that dress on her and how she made it more edgy. All her outfits in this episode was amazing but this look was beautiful. She looked flawless.

*Hope you enjoyed this Episode*

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  1. Love Aria's shoes in that picture. I didn't notice them in the episode, but with that dress in that picture, they are stunning!