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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End of January Vlog 2012

Hey! I can't believe that this month is over and that tomorrow is gonna be February. This year started out kinda crazy with family drama and Josh(BF) who left for Hawaii. I just miss him so much but for Spring Break I am spending the week in Hawaii with him and my Mom is coming with me. I am very excited because it will be my first time out of Texas and on a Plane. Anyways then Spring semester of College came really quick, Though I only am taking 4 classes. So far I am not stressed out to much about it but I will let ya'll know when that changes. This month I been having a lot of Allergies so I been taking Zyrtec-D and So far it's been working pretty good. Does anyone else take it or the regular one?
The weather here though has been surprisingly not to cold, It's actually starting to warm up which I love. I just hate cold weather because I get really cold easily.
I am glad that my financial aid for this semester was pretty good because last semester I didn't get a lot of money. I am so surprised though that for 4 books I only paid $129.00 to rent them!! I saved like $300.00 which is freaking Amazing!!!
The book that I been reading this month is still Inkheart because I am not finished with it yet but hopefully I will soon so I can do a Book review for ya'll.

So for shows I been loving Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries!

For February I have to go to my friends wedding because I am her Maid of Honor! Her wedding is on Valentines Day. I will not have a date because my BF is in Hawaii but I will be sending him a gift.

*Look out for a Post for Jan. Favorites!!!*

CES <3

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  1. That will be nice to go to Hawaii with your mom to see your boyfriend. And being a maid of honour on valentine's day, that is so exctiting! Sounds like you have quite a few things to be excited for!