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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What's In Chloe Toddler Backpack? 2016

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing with you what's in Chloe backpack. We take this backpack when we are out somewhere or running errands. Next year hopefully Chloe will be starting Pre K and I can do What's in Chloe school backpack!

I got this backpack at Sears.

I keep extra clothes in her backpack just in case. Also panties as well for her.

Just small coloring books that she can draw in.

I just keep some crayons in this container so she can draw in her small coloring books.

I got this at Dollar Tree and Chloe loves trying to put this together with my help.

2 small books that Chloe can look at.

I keep boogie wipes in her backpack because Chloe has really bad allergies and these help her out with her nose.

First aid kit and sanitizer.

Lotion for Chloe and a hair tie.

Last I keep some fruit bars in her backpack.

CES <3

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