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Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Shorts Collection 2016

Hey Everyone today I am showing you my shorts collection. These are what I been wearing this Spring and Summer.

These are from Mossimo Supply Co which I think it's from Target. Not entirely sure though.

These are also from same place as the first shorts. I love the pattern on these shorts! Floral is always in for Spring and Summer. I always wear pattern shorts with a plain color t shirt.

I got these from my boyfriend sister but I don't know where she got these from.

These are my favorite shorts that I got from my boyfriend sister. I love the pink and the lace on the sides. The tag says Vanilla Star but I am not sure what store they came from.

These shorts are from the label Fragile. I love them because I can crop tops with these shorts.

These shorts are from the label Mudd. I wear these shorts with a purple t shirt.

I can't remember where these are from. I did get these from my boyfriend sister.

I think these navy shorts are from Target.

These shorts are from Sears. These are my most worn shorts.

CES <3

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