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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

July Budget Recap! 2016

Hey Everyone it's time to go over my budget for the month of July....

So for the beginning of July my income was only $54.17. I was only able to pay my phone bill which was $46 and get a few things at the Dollar Tree.

For the middle of July my income was $103.60. I was able to put $13.00 into savings. I was only able to do $40 towards my debt since I didn't make much money.

At the end of July my income was $92.29. I spent $27.95 at Carter's getting some clothes for Chloe. I spent $47.81 at my local grocery store and about $15 at the Dollar Tree.

Here is my final recap for July.... I didn't write my total income down but it was $250.06. For bills $86 went toward my main bills. On groceries for month of July I spend $93.32. Savings I was able to put $13 towards now my total savings is $30 which it's slowly growing. I was only able to put $40 towards my debt for this month.

I am thinking about finding a better job if I find a babysitter for Chloe. I am only working a few days at Carter's and that's why my paychecks are so low. Plus I am only getting $8.50 a hour.

CES <3

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