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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fall Carter's Clothing Haul 2016

Hey Everyone today I am doing my first Carter's clothing haul with you. Chloe is growing out of her 2T and some 3T clothing so I picked up a few 4T clothing items at Carter's. Everything I got was on Clearance and a extra 25% off of Clearance plus my 25% off Employee Discount! Everything was a pretty good deal which I am excited about. I think my total was around $27 for everything I got. I still need to pick up more clothing and she needs new shoes but I have to wait till I get a good paycheck.  She still has some clothes that fit her she just mainly needed pajamas.

 I got this 2 pack of pajamas. This is what the first pair looks like.

This is the second pair of pajamas. I really love the gold hearts. I thought this 2 pack of pajamas would be perfect for Fall and Winter.

I decided to get another 2 pack of pajamas since they were on Clearance for like $5.99. This is a flamingos theme.

This is the second pair and it also has flamingos on it.

I got Chloe this cute shirt that was only $5.99 plus a extra 25% off.

I got Chloe this floral pullover jacket. I am in love with this floral pattern!

I got Chloe these jeggings which are in 3T because she still fits that size right now. Tops are the thing that she grows out of quickly.

I got Chloe these floral sweat pants.

These are the only pair of shorts I picked up because Chloe still has plenty of shorts that fit her. These were $3.99 plus extra 25% off.

So this is everything that I picked up for Chloe at Carter's. I plan to do more shopping hopefully soon!

CES <3

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