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Monday, August 8, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul: End July 2016

Hey Everyone Today I am doing a Dollar Tree for the end of July. Is anyone else obsessed with the Dollar Tree?

I picked up 2 more of these cleaning wipes because I use these to wipe down counters and to clean Chloe potty's,

I never got this before at the Dollar Tree but I decided to get it and see if it works on my carpets.

I was out of these wipes so I pick this up to try.

I couldn't find the assured brand intimate wipes so I picked these up to give them a try. I use intimate wipes to help me from getting a UTI.

I was almost out of Shaving Cream so I picked this up.

I picked up this travel size shaving cream to take with me when I spend the night with my boyfriend.

I got these hair ties to try out and see if they work in Chloe's hair. Hopefully it will hold her hair in a pony tail better.

My headphones I had stop working so I picked this pair up and so far it works pretty well. Hopefully this pair will last me longer.

I finally found the body shimmer spray!!

I been having some sleeping issues lately so I picked these two up to see if they will help me get some sleep.

Last thing I got was this sticker sheet. I love the theme with the butterflies and the floral.

CES <3

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