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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cleaning Products I Use!

Hey Everyone! Today I am sharing with you what cleaning products I use in my room and Chloe room. I do still live with my parents so I don't have to buy many cleaning products for my self. These products are what I use a lot of the time.

This is how I store my cleaning products.

I get these disinfectant wipes at the Dollar Tree and I use these to wipe down counters and also clean Chloe potty.

I use this on my bed and also on Chloe bed. I got this from the Dollar Tree.

I got this to use on the carpets and also on mine and Chloe bed. The smell is amazing!

Of course I have to have Lysol spray since me and Chloe get sick a lot.

This Glade spray smells amazing and keeps the room smelling good for a while.

I always have to make sure I have these two items with me.

I use these trash bags in mine and Chloe trash cans, It smells like roses! From Dollar Tree.

CES <3

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