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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Outfit Of The Day: Very Casual (10/29/2014)

Hey Everyone! Here is what I wore today, It's just very casual since I really didn't have anywhere to go except up to Churches Chicken to use their Wifi. I haven't heard from my job interview yet but hopefully very soon.....

Top: Delias 
Jeans: Paris Blue
Flats: Faded Glory
Jacket: Forever 21

Here is a closer view of the shirt.....

*The next outfit of the day I will be doing is for Halloween! I am dressing up as Wednesday Addams from Addams Family, I am doing a bit of a twist to her but still keeping her classic pig tails. It won't be up till later though as I have other scheduled blog post coming up but you will see it very soon! Happy Halloween to the ones who celebrate it!!!*

CES <3

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