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Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Thanksgiving In Pictures: Happy Thanksgiving!!! (11/27/2014)

Hey Ya'll today I am showing ya'll what I did for Thanksgiving.........

I got to see the Cows before I left to go to my Grandma's house.

Watched the Thanksgiving episode of Roseanne.

I wore a dress today since the weather was so nice!

The Desserts!

My Thanksgiving Meal. Turkey, Ham, Mashed potatoes and Stuffing with gravy!

This is my cousin Ashley baby.

My cousins.....

My brother and my cousins.

Took off my dress and put on more comfortable and warm clothing.

So every year after Thanksgiving dinner we always set up for Christmas. It's kind of a tradition that we do every year on Thanksgiving. My mom took this photo of the wreath that she put up.

I helped my mom put this up on the door.

My mom, me and my brother girlfriend put up decorations on the tree. I had to stop because I was having horrible stomach pains I think I have a stomach virus or something.

CES <3

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