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Monday, November 10, 2014

A Day in My Life: 11/1/2014

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing with you a day in my life when I don't have Chloe and what I do when she is with her dad.

10AM- Alarm went off. Took pill. Watch The Kitchen on Food Network and charged my camera.
11AM- Made something to eat and got dressed.
11:55AM- Wash a load of laundry, Finish getting ready and do a OOTD for a blog post.
12:45PM- Put the clothes in the dryer.
12:55PM- Organize Chloe books on the shelf
1:15PM- Put up clean dishes and put dirty in dishwasher and start it.
1:55PM- Get clothes out of the dryer.

2:10PM- Parents are home help put up groceries.
2:45PM- Went up to Churches Chicken to use their WIFI to watch YouTube and work on my blog.
5PM- Home
5:25PM- Eat
5:40PM- Put up laundry.
6PM- Watch Practical Magic and Go through all of Chloe toys.

6:30PM- Take out trash in room.
7PM- Watch Magic Mike and made popcorn.
11:15PM- Clean face, brush teeth and bed time.

Watching The Kitchen on Food Network Channel.

I organized Chloe books.....

Watched some YouTube videos!

It was time for me to finally go through all of Chloe toys since she is a toddler now and doesn't play with some of her toys.

Watched Magic Mike!!!

CES <3

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