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Friday, November 14, 2014

My Week In Pictures: November 3-9 2014

Hey everyone Happy November! Thanksgiving is almost here.... What are you thankful for? Anyways here is my week in pictures.

Monday Nov. 3:
Having some play time before it started to rain.

Did some art time in the living room....

Watching Are You The One? On MTV.

Tuesday Nov. 4:
For Breakfast she had Cheerios with Waffles and some Syrup. She loves to dip now.

Chloe decided to watch TV in the float.

Watched Grease and Grease 2!

Thursday Nov. 6:
It was a bit chilly today but for past 2 days Chloe hasn't really been able to go outside because of it being cold and raining but today we decided to go on a walk so I bundled her up.

Watched the original Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

 Watched Reign!!!

Friday Nov. 7:

Chloe is leaving tomorrow so I did some laundry.

Watching Kendra on Top.

Saturday Nov. 8:
She was hiding under the table.

Chloe got to see the cows before she left today.

Watched some YouTube videos... I been loving Carahslife lately.

Put up a mini Christmas tree in mine and Chloe room. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

Sunday Nov. 9:
This is my brother's frog.

This is a stray dog that stays in our neighborhood. It loves to lay in our yard, he is a very sweet dog. We give him water and food all the time.

The Change Up. I love him he is so sexy!

My mom cut my hair for me because it is so damaged and needed to be cut. I love my hair short because it's easier for me to deal with and looks better straighten.

The Walking Dead!!!

CES <3

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