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Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Week In Pictures: October 20-26 2014

Hey! Here is my week in pictures......

Monday October 20th: Today I had a doctor appointment where they did a Von Willebrand Genetic Disorder blood test....
This cat loves sleeping in Chloe stuff. He thinks he is a baby.

Waiting to see the doctor......

I decided to try a Lean Cuisine meal and this one is soooo good! It's the Fiesta Grilled Chicken with a seasoned rice blend. It has 19 grams of protein. 

Took Chloe on a walk before it got dark. She loves going on walks before she goes to bed. 

Tuesday October 21st: I took Chloe with me to Churches Chicken for the first time. I usually go by my self after she leaves with her dad.
I brought some snacks with us but also got her some fries because she loves them.

Kinda blurry sorry Chloe loves messing with the camera. 

Ignore my appearance.... Chloe loves taking pictures.

Watching the new show called Nailed It.

Wednesday October 22: Chloe had a low grade fever today and her nose kept running so we had a chill day.
Chloe took a early nap today with her monkey.

I love this owl candle burner it is perfect for fall!

Here is my autotunes for this week.....

She got mad she wanted the camera lol 

Watching BeetleJuice on ABC Family.

Thursday October 23: Today I had to do some laundry and Chloe was still dealing with allergies.
Washing Chloe and mine laundry......

Yea she know she got caught lol

Watching Beautiful Creatures. I am reading the book now.

My dad got Chloe the Minnie doll so she is happy now that she got Mickey and Minnie. She decided to take them on a walk.

Friday October 24: Today I had a job interview for a clothing store.
Chloe loves to run off and explore.

I decided to straighten my hair but it got so static even when I put some product in it.

Watching the Halloween Town Movie Series on Disney.

Chloe loves putting money in her piggy bank.

Saturday October 25: Today Chloe left to spend Halloween and a week with her dad.
Took a picture with Chloe before she left.

Watching Addams Family and Addams Family Values.

Watching the Halloween episode of Cutthroat Kitchen.

Sunday October 26: Just went up to Churches Chicken to use their wifi.
Watching some YouTube videos....

Reading Beautiful Creatures....

Watched Walking Dead!!! Ugh I hate that light glare I get if I leave my light on.

CES <3

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