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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 408 "We'll always have Bourbon Street"

Hey everyone so today I am doing a recap on last week episode of Vampire Diaries. This episode was all about Elena sired to Damon and Damon feelings for Elena.
Stefan decides to confront Damon about Elena being sired to him but Damon doesn't believe it but he decides to test out the theory. Damon tells Elena to drink from the blood bag and she is confused why he would say that but she realizes that she can! Damon doesn't want to believe this because he is in love with Elena and just wants to be with her. They decided to search for answers on how to break thee sired bond and this leads them back to New Orleans in 1942. They show flashbacks where Stefan is talking to Lexie about joining the War and for Stefan to make mends with Damon. Damon turned Charlotte into a Vampire which caused her to be sired to him. Back in the present, Stefan and Damon goes to New Orleans to find someone who can help them which leads them to finding Charlotte who is still sired to Damon. They finally found a witch but she doesn't want to help them. Elena, Bonnie and Caroline decide to have a girls night but Caroline was to busy judging Elena for wanting to be with Damon. They girls were having a little fun till Hybrids showing up threatening their lives. Elena emotions gets worse when Caroline blurts out that Elena is sired to Damon, She doesn't want to believe them. Anyways Tyler and Hayley have some trouble with the Hybrids which causes the Hybrids to rebel against Tyler. The Hybrids were torturing Caroline when Tyler showed up telling them to stop when Elena told them to hurt her instead. Tyler finally got them in his control. When Stefan and Damon couldn't get the witch to help they took matters into their own hands and the witch told them that the Vampire sire bond can't be broken. It heightens the actions not the emotions, so Elena really loves Damon!! Back at the Salvatore place, Damon tells Elena to let him go but Elena doesn't want to. She says that she doesn't feel anything wrong with what they are doing.

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