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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vampire Diaries Recap: 407 "My Brother's Keeper"

Hey so today I am doing a recap of last weeks episode of Vampire Diaries. This episode was all about the Mystic Falls Pageant.
Caroline is doing her best to be there for Stefan since he broke up with Elena. Caroline though is not happy when she finds out Elena wants Damon. This puts a serious tension on Caroline and Elena friendship. Stefan tells Damon the news about them breaking up and tells Damon this should be the best day of his life. Damon tries to convince Stefan to help him uncover who Professor Shane really is but Stefan had already made plans with Klaus. At the Pageant, Caroline is in charge of making sure everything is perfect for the event. Klaus shows up there because she had promised him a date. Tyler shows up with Haley after she begged him too. Tyler was jealous when he seen Caroline and Klaus together.  Caroline and Elena were helping April pick out a dress when Damon tells his input and Elena agrees with him. Caroline is suspicious and confronts Elena on her feelings about Damon and Elena gets upset. Damon runs into Professor Shane and asks him a few questions which brings out that Damon is a Vampire. Jeremy been having nightmares about killing Elena so he turned to Matt for help but Matt wanted to tell Elena. Jeremy was supposed to escort April but he didn't show up. Elena found him in the dressing room and Jeremy stabbed Elena in the neck. Stefan had showed up just in time to save her but Elena had some questions for Stefan. When she found out about Jeremy killing she was upset with Stefan and told him to move on. April won the title of Miss Mystic Falls! Last we show that Elena was with Damon and he offered them to dance. Next thing we know it's Hot Vampire Sex!!!!!! What was shocking was that Caroline and Stefan figured out that Elena must be sired to Damon because she does everything Damon tells her to do. Oh No! Anyways we also see that Haley is working with Professor Shane.

*Stay tune tonight for a new episode of Vampire Diaries*

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