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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pregnancy Log #8: 26 Weeks!!

Hey guys so it's been 2 weeks since my last update and I have some stuff to share with ya'll about my 26 week pregnancy update.

How many Weeks and Due Date: I am 26 weeks today and my Due Date is March 22, 2013.

Gender and Name: It's a Girl. Chloe Ann.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Leg cramps throughout the day, Nasal congestion, Acid Reflux, I got a Bladder Infection and I went to the hospital to find out that I have Anemia. My blood count was at a 9 I think.

What does my Belly look like:

How much do I Weigh: I weighed last time at 108 so I don't think I gained any pounds yet since last time.

Sleep Habits: I haven't been getting enough sleep. I toss and turn because I am so uncomfortable at night plus not being able to breathe. It's so annoying.

Baby Movements: She is a very active baby. She loves to kick me and she loves when I play Christmas Music.

Next Doctor Visit: I see my Doctor December 27th at 1:30pm. I had a morning appointment but he had to change it because he has surgery in the morning. They are doing a Glucose Test, My blood count and checking her heartbeat.

How are you feeling right now: Feeling a little better than earlier. I am still having nasal congestion. My doctor gave me medicine for acid reflux and my bladder infection. I am a little weak I don't know if it's from the medicine I got at the hospital or because my blood count is low.

Looking forward to: Feeling better and for Josh to come down to visit me.

*So this is what I have to update ya'll on for my 26 week pregnancy log. I will do another one at 28 weeks then starting at 30 weeks I will do a pregnancy log every week.*

CES <3

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