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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Recap: "Dark Ride"

Hey everyone I know this is a little late but I thought I would still put this up before Pretty Little Liars comes back on in January. I just haven't had the time to watch the episode till yesterday so here is my recap for Dark Ride which is a Halloween episode.
So the girls are going to a Halloween party on a train and all wanted to dress up as someone from a movie. Hanna dressed up as Marilyn Monroe, Aria as Daisy from Great Gatsby, Emily as Barbarella and Spencer as a Actress from the 40's. Which liar did you think won the best costume? Anyways Caleb was finally out of the hospital and Hanna had to sneak around with Caleb because of A of course. Caleb was getting really tired of it but he decided to show up at the party as Phantom of the Opera. Spencer and Toby went together but Toby wasn't being his self because right before the Party, Spencer ran into Garrett and he wanted to tell her the truth but Toby was there. At the Party Noel was there with Jenna and Noel pretended to choke playing a joke on the girls. So guess who was the special appearance on the show....It was Adam Lambert and he was singing on the train. So Ezra couldn't show up at the party so Aria had to go alone. Emily showed up with Paige and they seem to be doing great together and the girls seem not so mad at her anymore. A person decided to drug Aria drink and when she woke up she was in a crate! Spencer finally met up with Garrett at the party and he told her what really happen. Garrett didn't kill Alison and he wasn't the last person with Ali it was Bryon!!! The girls were shocked when they found this out and they don't know if they can trust him so Spencer told Garrett to wait in this spot so he can tell Aria. When the girls were together they got a text from A and Aria was missing!! When searching for Aria, Spencer and Hanna were attacked. Paige saved Spencer from the attacker. The girls finally found Aria and saved her from going off the train. Aria was in the crate with a dead Garrett!! A had taken out Garrett because Garrett knew the truth.

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