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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Essentials Haul #6

Hey everyone Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Today I am doing a Baby Essentials Haul of a few things that I picked up, what I got as a gift from my friend and what my boyfriend got for Chloe. I am 27 weeks today and I am almost there to meeting baby Chloe.

I got her this Baby Tweety Rattle from the Family Dollar Store. I loved Tweety growing up so I thought she would like this too. It says it's for 0 to 18 months.

I picked up this outfit from Family Dollar Store and it was only $3.50. This is the first outfit that I got for her.

My friend Kara got me this with some other stuff for Christmas present. This is a 3 pack and they are called Evenflo Advanced Bottles. They are angled and has a easy grip, I think these bottles will be perfect for her. They are angled to help with Colic and bubbles.

Kara also got her these 5 pack of Bibs. They are made with waterproof liners and these bibs are newborns.

This is the last thing Kara got her and this is the Gerber Sleep and Plays, it's a 3 pack. For newborns which is 8-12 pounds. Chloe might have to grow into these because I don't know if she will be that big starting out.

My boyfriend bought her this. I think this is so cute and it says Daddy's Sweetie on it. This is from Carter's and it's for newborns.

Sorry this one is blurry but my boyfriend bought her this. I think it's really cute and it says on the bib Mommy and Me. It comes with a Outfit, Hat, Bib, and Socks. This is also from Carter's.

My boyfriend bought her this Baby Starters Blanket. It has a bear on it and it is really soft. I am gonna bring this to the hospital with me so we can cover her up with this.

*This is what we got so far. I am glad she is finally getting clothes to add to the collection. I will do a big haul after my Baby Shower which is January 19th.*

CES <3

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