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Saturday, May 24, 2014


This TMI Tag I seen all over Youtube so I decided since I haven't done a Tag in a while to do this Tag. There is 50 questions.....

1. What are you wearing? I am wearing a tribal tank with leggings and fuzzy socks.
2. Ever been in Love? Yes I been in love once and that was with Chloe father.
3. Ever had a terrible Break Up? It was terrible but it was horrible.
4. How Tall are you? I am 4'10. Yes I am short!
5. How much do you Weigh? I weigh currently 91 pounds. I lost weight because of my Anxiety.
6. Any Tattoo's? I have two tattoos. One is on the back of my left shoulder and one on my right leg.
7. Any Piercings? I don't have any piercings.
8. OTP (One true pairing)? Me and Ryan Reynolds lol I love him!
9. Favorite Show? Pretty Little Liars!
10. Favorite Band? All American Rejects, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, etc.
11. Something you miss? I miss sleep! I hardly get any sleep anymore but I do try to take naps when I can.
12. Favorite Song? Move along by All American Rejects
13. How Old are you? I am 22 Years old
14. Zodiac Sign? Taurus
15. What Quality do you look for in a guy? Trustworthy and Funny
16. Favorite Quote? Everything happens for a reason
17. Favorite Actor? Channing Tatum
18. Favorite Color? Yellow
19. Loud or Soft Music? It depends on the song. For example I hate the screamo music where all they do is scream.
20. Where do you go when your Sad? Basically just my room or I will go for a walk
21. How long does it take you to Shower? It basically takes me about 10 minutes I don't have a lot of time with a Toddler running around getting into things lol.
22. How long does it take you to get ready in the Morning? I usually set mine and Chloe clothes out the night before. In the morning I usually get my self ready which takes about 10 mins or so it just depends where we are going. I usually will not put makeup on so that saves on time but again it just depends. I don't take long to get ready but it does take some time to get Chloe ready depending on her mood.
23. Ever been in a Fight? I don't think I have.
24. What is a Turn on for you in guys? Humor. A guy that can make me laugh.
25. What about a Turn off? Beards... I hate guys that have beards. I like them clean shaved.
26. When did you Join Youtube? I can't exactly remember when. I did join so I can watch different videos.
27. Fears? Fear of death, heights, and drowning.
28. Last thing that made you Cry? Amazing Spiderman 2 made me cry!!
29. Last time you said I love You? Earlier today to my daughter Chloe before she left.
30. Meaning behind Youtube name? It's my initials
31. Last book read? Hunger Games MockingJay #3
32. Book currently Reading? Vampire Academy
33. Last Show you Watch? Sam & Cat on Nick. Right now watching Mean Girls!
34. Last person you talk to? My dad
35. Relationship? I am currently a single mom
36. Favorite food? Pasta
37. Place you want to visit? I really want to go back to Hawaii.
38. Last place you were? At home
39. Do you have a Crush? Not at the moment. But I do have a crush on Channing Tatum!
40. Last time you kissed someone? My daughter on the cheek!!
41. Favorite Candy? I love skittles.
42. Do you play a instrument? No
43. Favorite piece of Jewelry? The necklace my mom bought me.
44. Last Sport you play? I did cheer in Middle School and some track running
45. Last Song you sang? Katy Perry song "Roar"
46. Favorite Chat up line? I don't really have one....
47. Have you ever used it? No
48. Last time you hang out with someone? My friend Kara. I am staying the night with her right now.

* I think I got the numbers mix up or something because I thought there was 50 questions!*

CES <3

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