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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Book Review: Hunger Games MockingJay #3

Hey everyone! I finally finished the Hunger Games Series so I decided to do a book review on the last book in the Hunger Games Series. This book is pretty intense and sad to see it end, I can't wait till the movie comes out!

So as we found out in the second book that district 12 is gone and everyone who survived went to district 13. Personally I feel that district 13 is just as strict as the capitol because each person has a daily schedule printed on their arm, have the same clothing, and there are food restrictions. The President for district 13 is Coin. When Katniss awakes from all the medicine she finds out the Peeta is being held captive by the capitol and is most likely being tortured. Katniss is made out to be the Mocking Jay leader but she has a few goals she wants district 13 to accept which is keeping Prim's cat, Hunting, Save the victors don't kill them, Gale by her side, and She wants to kill Snow. Katniss is put in front of the media to tell every district that she is alive and that she is fighting to end the capitol reign over them. War breaks out between capitol and district 13. Peeta is brought back to 13 and is nothing like his self, he was mind was brainwashed to hate and kill Katniss. The victors are brought to the capitol to end the war and people end up dying including Finnick and Prim!!! At the end President Snow is captured and Katniss is suppose to kill him but ended up killing President Coin because Coin wanted another Hunger Games. President Snow ends up dying anyways and a new President is picked which is Paylor. At very end of book the Hunger Games are ended, District 12 is being reconstructed, Gale gets a new fancy job and Katniss and Peeta end up together with two children.

This book was very intense because it was very detail on the war. It was also sad in the end when Katniss sister died.

This last book was very hard for Katniss as she struggled with her emotions for Peeta and being the Leader of the rebels. Katniss finds her way and becomes a leader and ends the war.

Find what makes you happy and Stay Strong........ Fight for what you believe in.

*The book I am currently reading now is the Vampire Academy*

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