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Monday, November 28, 2016

What's In My Planner Bag? 2016

Hey everyone Today I am sharing with you what I keep in my planner bag right now!

So this is what my planner bag looks like. I got this from my mom so I don't know where this exactly came from.

So in the big pocket I keep my planner in there.

Also in the big pocket I keep my extra planner covers in there as well.

In the smaller pocket is everything else I carry with me when I stay with my boyfriend. In this picture I have some functional stickers such as payday and bill due stickers also student loan reminders.

Next I take the Everyday sticker book with me.

Next I have is these Mambi Chips stickers. I used these for my New Years spread.

Next I have some Christmas sticker books that I got from the Dollar Tree.

I also have this sticker sheet that I also got from the Dollar Tree!

I also have these Vellum Phrases that I can just cut and glue into my planner. I got these from my Planner Buddy.

I have these gem stickers.

I have these two stickers to use for the Christmas spreads.

I have journaling cards!

I have 3 skinny washi tapes.

These are the 3 Christmas washi I have currently in my planner bag.

These are the washi that I wanted to use for the New Years Spread.

These are the pens I like to bring in my planner.

Last I carry in my planner bag is this old hole puncher, a glue stick and my scissors.

CES <3

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