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Monday, November 14, 2016

Carter's Haul: Beginning of November 2016

Hey everyone so today I am doing a haul of everything I got at the Carter's children clothing store. Some clothing are for Chloe and some are for Christmas gifts. I had $10 in rewards plus my employee discount of 25% off.

What I got for Chloe to add to her Fall/Winter Clothing:

I got Chloe these pink leggings that were on Clearance and they are in a 4T.

I also got Chloe these grey kitty leggings and they were also on Clearance as well.

I got Chloe these fleece leggings and I am in love with this pattern. I really want to get more! I think these were $7 or $8!

First long sleeve I got for Chloe is this cute owl shirt! I got this in a size 4 so that way it can last her longer and be a bit big on her.

Next I got her this long sleeve shirt that says Full of Love.

Last shirt is this reindeer shirt and it's my favorite!

 I got Chloe these blue jean flats that would go with everything she wears.

Last thing I got for Chloe was these kitty boots! Both shoes are in a size 8.

What I got as Christmas gifts for my Cousin's babies:

For my cousin Ashley son I got him this long sleeve stunt man shirt.

I also got him these jogger pants to go with his shirt.

For my cousin Ashley daughter I got her this long sleeve shirt that says One in a Million.

To pair with the shirt I also got her these black leggings.

For my cousin Sarah baby I got her this long sleeve onesie.

I also got my cousin Sarah baby this long sleeve onesie as well.

To go with both of the onesie's I got her these cheetah print leggings.

I got all of these clothes for only $72!

CES <3

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