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Friday, November 25, 2016

Mambi Everyday Sticker Book Look Thru....

Hey everyone today I am doing a look thru of the Mambi everyday sticker book. Mambi stands for Me and My Big Ideas which created the Happy Planner and Happy Planner accessories.

 So this is what the sticker book looks like.. It has 1486 stickers in this book. I feel like these sticker books are a better deal than getting stickers off of Etsy.

So the first couple of pages have inspirational quote stickers.

Then you get a page of page flags which these are good to mark appointments or something important.

Next you get a page of color coding dots which is nice for a to do list.

Next you have a page that has arrows and more of the color coding dots.

You also get 2 pages of checklist which are nice for writing down your to do lists in your planner.

They also include some headers like personal, meeting, reminder, important, etc.

Next you get a couple pages of full box checklist and some headers.

This sticker book also comes with some washi strips.

You get a page of these cute inspirational quote circle stickers.

You also get some color coding hearts!

You get some weekend headers and some other functional stickers as well.

Last page I'm sharing with you is this one that has some decorative full boxes and some page flags.

I hope you liked this look thru of the Mambi Everyday sticker book. I didn't share all of the pages but I shared most of what I can.

CES <3

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