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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dollar Tree Haul: Beginning of November! 2016

Hey everyone I am back with another Dollar Tree haul!!!

Chloe loves peppermints so I decided to pick up this bag to share with her.

So I haven't seen these at my Dollar Tree before so I decided to give these a try.

Of course I pick these up every time I shop.

I picked up these two Christmas socks for Chloe!

I picked up more of this sleep aid medicine to help me sleep.

I got this pacifier for my cousin Sarah baby.

I got Chloe more of the bubble bath.

I picked up this self ink stamp for my planner buddy and also got some more glue sticks for me.

I got me some makeup remover wipes to take when I stay with my boyfriend and this cute hand sanitizer for my planner buddy.

I got this decal for my laptop.

I picked up this cute Christmas sticker book for my planner.

I got this cute trolls sticker book to share with Chloe and use some for my planner.

I picked up two of these frozen sticker books for Chloe and to use in my planner.

I got these cute googly eyed owl stickers for my planner.

I got these cute animal themed stickers.

Last I picked up these bubble mailers to use to send planner stuff to my planner buddy.

CES <3

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