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Monday, March 10, 2014

My Week In Review: March 3-9 2014

Hey everyone! Here is a review on last week.....

Monday March 3: (Didn't Get Much Done)
Nothing much happened today I really didn't get much done. Chloe been clingy to me all day and I had to hold her for most of the day. I am thinking it's her stomach hurting by the way she is acting or maybe she is now getting seperation anxiety. Chloe has her 12 month check up next week so I am going to talk to her doctor about it when we go. TMI but we are still having problems with her poop, it hasn't been solid in a while. Anyways I went to class then came home and went to sleep after Chloe fell asleep.
I really been liking my new hair.

I did a little reading before class started. I am on chapter 19 of Hunger Games Catching Fire.

Tuesday March 4: (We got the Keys)
Me and Chloe woke up at 9am, we had breakfast at 10am. Chloe had yogurt and cheerios while I had soup and orange juice. After we ate I been playing on the floor with Chloe. Chloe took her nap at 12pm. Chloe woke up at 1:30 and we had lunch. After lunch Chloe played while I put some of my stuff in boxes. We got the keys today for the new house so now I need to get motivated and start packing. I only have 2 boxes so far to go to new house, it's hard to pack with a baby.
The cat was asleep at the end of the bed and Chloe was asleep by me. Both looked so peaceful sleeping. So Jealous....

We made Pumpkin Butter in class tonight.

I love watching The Little Couple! Tonight they got to meet Zoey and finally take her home. It was amazing to see Will interact with his new sister!

Chloe is looking at a book before bed. We always read about 2 or 3 books a night.

Wednesday March 5: (I had the worst experience)
Me and Chloe started our day at 8:30am because I had a WIC Appointment today. WIC if you don't know means Women Infants and Children. Anyways I had the worst service there today it was horrible.... So after WIC we went to HEB to get Chloe formula and pick up a few groceries. When we got home Chloe played till about 1pm then she took her nap. Chloe woke up at 2:15pm and played till about 3 then we had lunch. After lunch she played while I packed 4 boxes of my stuff and of her stuff. So now I have a total of 6 boxes going to the new house. At 4:45pm Chloe left and I ate and got ready for Class.

Thursday March 6: (Today Just Wasn't My Day)
Today just wasn't my day. Chloe woke up so many times during the night that we probably only got 2 hours of sleep. I am just so exhausted and when I am exhausted I get so emotional where all I want to do is cry. I decided not to go to class today because there's no homework due tonight. Chloe went with her grandparents still so I can rest and have a break.
She had banana pudding and made a mess

She crawl into the box and started playing with her toys.

Painted my nails today with Sinful Colors in Savage. It's shinny in the bottle but when it dries on your nails it goes matte which I thought was interesting.

CES <3

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