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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Week In Review: Feb. 24-March 2 2014

Hey Everyone Here is my week in review for last week! This week I started it on Wednesday because Monday and Tuesday I wasn't feeling good at all.

Wednesday Feb. 26: (I Been Exhausted!)
I had a rough night with Chloe as lately she been waking me up a few times a night. I been exhausted! Anyways we started our day at 9am and Chloe played for a little bit while she watched her favorite cartoon Dora. Chloe had breakfast at 10am and I started on Homework. Chloe went to sleep at 12:30pm and I watched youtube videos. Chloe only slept 30 mins and was up and wanted to play. At 2pm Chloe had some yogurt so I can give her the antibiotic. The antibiotic is a pill so I crush it up and put it in yogurt so she can take it. After Chloe ate lunch we play till about 4pm then we started getting her and me ready to leave. Tonight my class meets at the library and we have a test. I got done around 7:30pm came home to eat and do homework before I called for my daughter to come home.
Cheddar and Broccoli Pasta with Fruit Punch.

 My favorite family to watch on Youtube right now is ItsJudy'sLife! Judy is about to have Identical Twin Girls!!!!

She loves taking things out of her diaper bag and messing with her lunch bag.

For some reason she likes to eat the bed.....

Thursday Feb. 27: (Going to do some Country Living)
Me and Chloe woke up at 9am went with my mom out in the country.... Yes We are going to do some country living starting real soon. It's 20 something minutes out of town and right next door to a post office. We looked at the place today and my mom paid the down deposit. The only down part to it is that it's a far drive to college and for Chloe father parents to come get her. I am still having to figure that out so it's going to start getting stressful because the landlord wants us to move in as soon as possible. This is going to be a major adjustment for me because it's farther away from the people I know. I will keep ya'll updated when I know more about the moving situation. Maybe I will do a room tour..... This is a new start for me and Chloe. Chloe will also have a front and a back yard to play in, I am thinking about getting a swing set and a mini pool for her. The other plus is if I want to take Chloe for a walk I won't have to deal with people messing with us. It has it's plus and down sides to moving to the country. I just have to take it step by step and day by day.

Friday Feb. 28: (Home decor and Ordered Chloe birthday cake!)
Chloe woke me up about 4 times last night so I am so exhausted! My mom woke me and Chloe up at 9am to leave to do some errands. First we went to the Dollar Tree and I found me some home decor stuff for my new room. Next we went to the grocery store and ordered Chloe birthday cake! We came home around 12pm and Chloe played. Chloe took a nap around 2pm. My brother had to watch Chloe for almost 2 hours so I could go volunteer at a After School Program.
Found this for my new room!

I am obsessed with Owls and can't wait to hang this up!

Chloe fell asleep on me :)

Saturday March 1: (New Hair Do)
Me and Chloe woke up around 7am. Sandra came over at 9am to do my hair because she has her cosmetology degree and Chloe left at 10am to go spend time with her other grandparents. After Sandra did my hair I cleaned up the room, made lunch and been relaxing. Chloe came home around 5pm.

CES <3

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