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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chloe 12 Month Update: 1 Year Old!!!!

My baby girl is a year old!!!! Chloe turned 1 on March 10 sorry I waited but I wanted her to go to her 12 month check up so I can share her weight and height.

Height and Weight: Chloe is 28 Inches and weighs 19 pounds.

Teeth: Chloe has 8 teeth but her back molars are coming in. She has been teething a lot lately because she puts everything in her mouth and she likes to bite me.

Feeding Schedule: Chloe is still on Similac Sensitive Formula but for past couple of days we been mixing whole milk in with it just to get her used to it. She does still have bottles but since she is 1 we are going to take them away this week and just do sippy cups. She loves drinking out of sippy cups, straws and regular cups. We will take away the formula this week as well hopefully. Chloe is on table foods she gets breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner. Chloe has breakfast around 9:30am, Lunch at 1 or 2pm and Dinner around 4-6pm with snacks in between. Chloe favorite food right now is yogurt.

Clothing and Diaper Sizes: Chloe wears 12 month clothing and still in size 3 diapers.

Sleep Routine: Chloe still hasn't been sleeping through the night, she still wakes me up about 2 times a night. Her sleep routine will be messed up now because we been moving and tonight will be her first night at the new house so I am little nervous about it. I hope soon I can get her sleeping through the night, I am trying to be more consistent with her night routine. The night routine is snack, bath, pajamas, brush teeth, books, milk and a lullaby. I try to make sure she goes to bed every night around 10pm. She is still sleeping in bed with me.

Favorite Cartoons:

* Dora the Explorer
* Doc McStuffins
* Bubble Guppies
* Mickey Mouse Club House

What's New This Month: Chloe dad Josh got out of Marines and is now back in town for good I think. Chloe been spending a lot of her time with her dad which has been giving me time to help my parents move and unpack mine and Chloe new room. Chloe has no bond with her father so with him being here now we hope she starts having a connection with him. We just have to take steps and give it time.

Milestones and Random:

* Waving
* Clapping
* Loves to point at objects and people
* She loves looking at her books and loves when I read to her.
* She loves animals! She gets so excited when she sees them.
* She been having Separation Anxiety when I have to leave her.
* She been taking 3 or 4 steps by her self. I bought her a push walker to help her walk more and for her balance.
* She can sound out the word Cat. She loves to say Cat.

* Next update on Chloe will be when she is 15 months old which will be in June.*

P.S- Not sure when I can post again because of internet won't be on over at the new house till a week or so. I will try and keep ya'll updated as I can.

CES <3

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